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Nothing is better than eating a huge steak for dinner when you are visiting a different town. However, when you are going to different towns you will generally notice their are what seems like an endless count of steakhouses. We have ranked the five best steakhouses in Indianapolis that you can find here. Mo’s A Place For Indianapolis ranked fourth in our listing and we have decided to doe a more indepth research of the Mo’s so you know why it made it to our list of the five best steakhouses in Indianapolis.

Hours And Location For Mo’s A Place For

The address for Mo’s is listed below:

15 East Maryland Street

The hours of operation for Mo’s is going to be seen as it being open at the following times.

Sunday – Closed

Monday – Thursday 4:30 PM – 12 AM

Saturday 5 PM – 12 AM

What Is Our Favorite Dish From Mo’s A Place For Steaks

When we eat at Mo’s the dish that we really like is obviously going to come from the steak menu. However, what you need to realize is the steaks that we are going to get is expensive, but well worth the cost. The steak we like to get is the certified angus bone-in filet that comes in at a great 16 ounces in weight. With the side dish we tend to get the white cheddar mashed potatoes. When you combine these two dishes on the same thing it makes the meal complete and fills up our stomachs so we do not go back to the hotel room hungry.

What Dish We Do Not Care For

While it was a challenge for us to find a dish that we did not care for on the menu, the one dish that we did not like was the seafood pasta. The dish was not that bad tasting, but it was a dish that when we are at a steakhouse we want to have a steak and not seafood. We are sure if this was Mo’s A Place For Seafood, we would love this dish. So with this being a steakhouse, we would not really expect to have a good seafood dish.

Our Final Thoughts On Mo’s A Place For Steaks

While we have rated a lot of different steakhouses and restaurants in general we are going to give Mo’s a great big good option. This is a place that makes some of the best steaks that we have ever had and it is closed on Sunday, which we like as well. With that being the case, we are going to give Mo’s a great big plus on the places to stop at for a steakhouse to stop at in Indianapolis. Just make sure you bring your wallet and that it is pretty full because your stomach will be full when you leave, but your wallet not so much.
Best Steakhouse In Indianapolis
Bynums Steakhouse
Saint Elom Steakhouse
Fogo de Chao
Mo’s A Place For Steaks

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