Champion Portable Home Generator

Champion 4000-Watt Open Frame Generator

Champion Portable Home GeneratorA is a great option if you live in an area that is prone to losing electric. However, what you will find is not all the generators are made equally and this means you are going to need to get some of the information that can help you make up your mind on if the generator you are going to look at is the best one or not. This is when you should know more about the Champion 4000-Watt Open Frame Generator that we are going to talk about here in this review. Once you read this information it will make it easier for you to know if you are getting the right generator for your needs or not. Then you can determine if this is one of the best generators for you to buy or if you need to consider a different generator that will power your in an emergency situation.

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Features Of The Champion Generator

  • This is a generator that has a newer and more advanced design based off of the older designs that were present. So you will like the fact this is a generator that is going to be rather quiet and going to provide you with more power than what you were expecting to get before the generator started to work.
  • The starting watts of this generator is going to come in at 4,000 watts and you will find the power loss for the running watts is rather low and it will come in at 3,500 watts and this will provide you with quite a bit of power that you never really thought about before.
  • When you are using this unit you will find the electric is fairly stable in the regards to the sources and surges you may be used to finding with some of the generators that are on the market. With the type of power you get from this generator, it is easier for you to have a great generator that will work for your more delicate electronics that are on the market.

What I Like With This Generator

Long Run Time

When you are looking at this item you will find that it is going to have a longer run time than most of the other generators on the market. In fact, the company claims this generator is able to run for 17 hours at a time before it is going to need refilled. The downside is this does not really mention what kind of load is going to keep it from lasting for a long period of time.

Is Not Overly Loud

Normally if you have a generator operating you will be worried about the noise levels. I will say this and that is most of the generators I have used from the portable to the stand alone generators are so noisy they need to have a noise dampener for them to make it available for you to talk to someone standing next to you. Since this is the case, you will love the fact this is a generator that is not really loud or even so loud that you cannot really have a conversation when you are next to it.

Comes Already For Use With RV Or

With this generator only putting out four thousand watts as a startup and thirty-five hundred watts for regular power you will notice it is on the smaller side. This means you could have some problems in getting the generator to power everything that you are trying to do around your . However, it is already rigged up for use on an RV for camping and it has the household plugs as well, which makes it easier for you to use this and know it will suit your needs as long as you are not going to run a lot of items all at the same time.

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What I Dislike With The Generator

Does Not Come With The Wheel Kit

Now, I have this listed in the portable generators and their is a good reason for this because it is definitely a generator that can be portable. However, what you will find is this is a generator that does not come with the wheel kit and you have to buy it separately. Yes, I know it would be great to be able to buy it at the same time and you can, but when I was looking and researching the vast majority of the generators from this model unless you order it extra does not come with the model as base equipment that I could find.

My Final Thoughts On The Champion 4000-Watt Open Frame Generator

I have to say this is one generator that I think will be able to do quite a bit for you, but it is going to allow you to have enough electricity to power most of the things that you would use, unless they are larger. The Champion generator you see here is going to be a great example of the ones you can use and know it will work for what you need to do for a short time period. At the same time, though, you will find the generator is one that is not really portable compared to the ones with wheels. Overall, I have to say the Champion 4000-Watt open frame generator is a decent model, but it is difficult to move and may not be able to power your home, but would make a great for a motorhome.

Portable Generators From eBay

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