A-iPower 7,000 Gasoline Generator With Electric Start

A-iPower 7,

A-iPower 7,000 Gasoline Generator With Electric StartElectrical power is one item that we have all come to rely on. However, when the power goes out we have started to rely on electric so much that we have a tendency to panic and try to figure out what we can do. That is why the market or even the permanent generator market is so huge. Since that is the case, we have decided it was time to continue with our series and do our complete of the A-iPower 7,000 Gasoline generator with electric start. This way you will know if this is the generator that will work for your needs or if you may want to consider a different generator. No matter what you will find that home power is more expensive, but a is a great tool to have available if you need it. Without this you could be left to the mercy of the electric companies as to when you will be getting your power back in your home.

Features Of The Portable Generator

  • This has a high-intensity alternator that is going to allow for the power to be generated on a consistent basis, but also allows for the use of more than a single item at a time. A good example of this would be using your appliances and then having to use a drill or something like that. This is a generator that with this alternator would let you do this.
  • A voltage regulator that is automatic is something else that is great about this system compared to some of the other systems you ay have used in the past. Since this is going to allow you to regulate the voltage automatically you do not have to worry about it being impacted by a sudden drop in voltage or even have to worry about your items being overpowered because of to much voltage with the regulator system in place.
  • Has a 7 gallon tank that when you are running the generator at half load, which is 3,500 watts you will notice it has a chance to run for over nine hours. Now this drops quite a bit when it is running at full load, but still even at half load that is typically enough to power quite a few items in your home for a long period of time.
  • The operating noise levels are going to be 76 dBA. This may seem like it is screaming loud, but if you consider a rock concert and other items are in the hundreds this is not that bad on the sound scale, but it is larger than the Honda EU2200i that we reviewed last week.

What I Like With The Generator

Allows For More Use Of Items In The Home

The generator that you have here is going to generate 7,000 watts of power. This will allow you to have plenty of power to get some of your appliances back on line, but also get the power you need in an emergency for a power outage that is going to be a longer period of time. The thing that I like the most is this will allow you to run the refrigerator or even the freezer, but I would not recommend running them at the same time and to rotate these from on and off.

Keyless Start Means I Am Not Pulling The Cord For Hours

I hate the fact that some of the generators you have are going to be the style that you have to pull on the cord for hours on end only to have it not start or realize you forgot to turn the gas on, happens one time and you never live it down! However, this is a generator that solves that issue for you as it has a push button start that means you will have the power you want instantly and be ready to go at a moments notice. Now this does not mean you do not have a cord to pull, but it does mean you do not have to use a key or try to find the things that you are going to need to allow it to work.

Outlets Have A Waterproof Covering

The protection of the outlets is something that I do not really see that often with generators. Yes, you can get some covers for the outlets, but you typically will have to add these on yourself after you have bought the unit. This generator, though, is coming with the protection and this will help you keep the generator safe from damage if it is raining, but it also helps you in getting the protection of the outlets and avoiding shorting out the system.

What I Dislike With This Home Power Unit

The Wheels Can Get Stuck On Things Easily

I will say this up front that I really do like the larger wheels, but in my experience as much as I hate to say it they have a knack for finding the edge of the door, the door frame, the garage door runner, or even the different cracks you never knew you had in the floor or pavement, but they end up getting caught in the cracks and make you feel like you dropped a lead weight.

My Final Thoughts On The A-iPower 7,000 Gasoline Generator With Electric Start

This is a great portable generator, but it does have some downsides as well. Overall, though, I have to say if you want to get some great power and be able to use the generator almost right away you cannot really go wrong here. This generator is one that will give you the power you need, but at the same time will make the power without being super loud at 76dBA. This is one generator that will give you the power you need but also generates enough home power to make it easier for you to have the appliances inside of the home working right.