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Making your own ice cream is something that I have found very rewarding, but as I have mentioned time and time again it is very difficult to find the best homemade to use. This definitely presents a tremendous challenge for a lot of people who want to make their own ice cream. That is why I decided to complete a review of the Sweet Alice 1.5-liter

Features Of The Sweet Alice 1.5-Liter

  • Has an inner bowl that has the capacity of 1.5-liters.
  • The Sweet Alice is able to be used with a single button control.
  • Ice cream is completed in 30 minutes.
  • The ice cream maker is made from food grade materials. 

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Is Sweet Alice A Good Brand

I will tell you that i personally have not head of this brand until I started to look into . In my mind that makes it seem like it is more of a specialized type of brand, which is definitely a plus for an ice cream maker. Now, this does not mean the company is not making other items, but the main thing I found was the Sweet Alice brand products tended to use the ice cream maker more than anything else.

1.5-Liters Of Ice Cream

This is something that will put this in perspective. I bough my kids some squirt guns the other day. The water reservoir for them was 2 liters. Well, the ice cream maker here has a capacity that is even smaller than the water guns. So I have to say, while it is going to make this much ice cream, I am kind of disappointed that it only makes such a small amount of ice cream in my opinion. Then again, I have 3 kids and a husband so you can imagine how fast everything goes in my house.

Sweet Alice Ice Cream Maker Completes The Job Quickly

Well, the ice cream maker here claims that the ice cream will be ready in 30 minutes or even less. However, what it neglects to mention in all the fancy paperwork is the fact that the ice cream bowl has to be frozen for 18 to 24 hours before you even attempt to make the ice cream. This amount of freezer time is different than what I have seen with some of the other . He what is nice, though, is the colder the bowl the faster the ice cream makers make your ice cream, which is nice on a hot summer day.

What Does The Sweet Alice Ice Cream Maker Make

I have to admit with almost every one of the ice cream makers I have checked out they are very versatile in what they are able to make. Yes, that does include the Sweet Alice Ice Cream Maker here. It has the ability to make a wide variety of frozen foods for you to eat that are milk based. That includes frozen yogurt, ice cream, and some other items as well. The best part is the recipes are included in the manual which makes it easier for you to explore a variety of products with your Sweet Alice Ice Cream maker.

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Transparent Lid Is Great

Okay, I home school my kids and think it is great when the kids have a chance to learn something new. Well, making ice cream is a great science lesson for the kids to follow as it takes a liquid and makes it into a solid state. Well, the transparent lid that is included with the Sweet Alice Ice Cream Maker makes it possible for the kids to observe that change without having to do much in the way of stopping the machine to check what is going on.

What Others Are Saying

Now, the Sweet Alice is one ice cream maker that I have to admit I seen a wide range of reviews on. It seems this is one product that you either love or hate for one reason or another. 

One reviewer named Leslie on Amazon said this about the Sweet Alice Ice Cream Maker, “the ice cream came out great”. Well, that is what it is supposed to do, but even then some of the ice cream makers are very difficult to use and do not really produce the same results that you would expect to see when you are using them.

Now, one the opposite side of the aisle is one that goes by just review on Amazon, which makes me question the quality of the review, but said this. “I always get a soupy mess”. As I said this was just posted as review, but even then it is worth taking this into consideration as it is unknown if the reviewer followed the directions or not, but also if they were adding in too many ingredients or not. So I will carry this review with a grain of salt based off of what the reviewer mentioned.

What I Like The Most About The Sweet Alice 1.5-Liter Ice Cream Maker

The main thing that I like is the fact the bowl is made from Stainless Steel. The stainless steel makes it easier to keep clean, but also in cooling off quickly and staying cool. So that is definitely a plus that I like about the Sweet Alice is the bowl is of a material that I actually like and enjoy using.

What I Did Not Like About The Ice Cream Maker

While it is common to have to put your ice cream maker bowl in the freezer, the amount of time that you have to put this bowl in the freezer seems to be rather long to me. So that is definitely a major drawback to me as I want to get my ice cream made rather quickly and not have to wait all day and part of the night to get my ice cream made. 

My Final Thoughts On The Sweet Alice Ice Cream Maker

When the ice cream maker is in stock the price is reasonable which definitely makes it easier for you to get the ice cream maker. Now, with that being said this is an ice cream maker that I have to admit I would pass on my own needs. That is mainly because I want a larger capacity than what the Sweet Alice offers. No matter what, though, make sure you know about the fact that our Sweet Alice Ice Cream Maker review is meant to give you our opinion in the ice cream makers that we like.

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