Discover The Crazy Bonez Raven Skeleton Today

Not all of the Halloween decorations you are going to put up are going to go outside in the yard and take the abuse you are going to have with the wind, rain, and even snow in some cases. Since this is the case you should make sure you know about the Crazy Bonez Raven skeleton. This is one of those decorations you are going to like because of how it looks, but also because it is going to be easier for you to have inside of the house or on a covered porch. What else is nice is the decoration is one that will make you think quite a bit about Edgar Alan Poe when he has the poem about the Raven out and know that now you have the raven inside of your . So what exactly did I like about this decoration and what did I not like? Keep on reading to find out more about this and then you can decide if this is a decoration you need to have or not.

What I Like About The Crazy Bonez Raven Skeleton

The thing that I really liked about this skeleton is the fact that is made from weather proof plastic. Now we mentioned before that it is going to be easier to keep this skeleton inside, but what we really like is the fact this is a skeleton that you are able to have outside if you want to. Because of the size of the decoration I have to admit I would tend to keep it inside on a fireplace or even getting it put onto the window ledge so it will look like it is looking out the window at people as they are walking by.

Realism is a huge factor when I look at the Halloween decorations. When I look at these decorations I want them to look as real as possible. With this decoration, it does have some of the best realism we have seen out of all the decorations. The head and the wings are very movable and this makes it easier to change the post of the decoration each time you are looking at the decoration.

With this decoration, you will also notice it is going to have a height that is not overbearing. Now, this can make it a challenge at times to see, but it will definitely make it easier for you to find a place to put the decoration and not be concerned about it not looking perfect. So this is another thing I really like about this decoration because it makes it easier for it to fit in the right spot and not be overbearing or detract from some of the other decorations I have placed in the house.

What I Did Not Like About The Crazy Bonez Raven Decoration

As much as I love the size of the decoration I also hate it as well. The reason I hate it is because the decoration is small. This makes it harder for me to have it showcased in the world of the large inflatable decorations, but also with the oversized garland leave decorations that you are going to put into your . All of these are going to be a major issue because I like to have my house fully decorated and it is going to make it hard for this decoration to stand out, but it does work great as being the one type of decoration that has a tendency to shock people when they do see it.

Our Final Thoughts On The Crazy Bonez Raven Decoration

When I looked at this decoration I first thought it was going to be a little bit out of place, but it is a decoration that I really liked because it does have the smaller size, which I have a love hate relationship with, but it also has a realistic type of look to it. This is going to make it easier for me to get the decoration that works for my needs and because it definitely has some of the best size saving considerations in mind. Overall, I really like how life like this decoration is, but also how it is a decoration that will make it easier for me to have a decoration that reminds me of one of the best poets around for the somewhat modern time, Edgar Allan Poe.