Why Pick The Skeleton Restroom Door Cover

A restroom door cover? Yes, a restroom door cover is a unique and great looking Halloween decoration all at the same time. However, why should you be picking this cover as a decoration for your ? What is going to make the door cover, which just sounds bad, stand out as a good decoration choice for Halloween? Well, that is really going to depend on what you are trying to get out of the cover and what you are looking for. I know for myself, the cover looks great and with the way, the skeleton looks it really reminds me of how my family looks in the bathroom.

Features Of The Skeleton Restroom Door Cover

The skeleton is very lifelike and with a lot of the people that I know, it looks like it is reading the newspaper. The only difference that I would see with most of my family and this skeleton is the fact the page would be the sports page and not any of the other pages of the paper./

With the measurements that are here, you will notice it will fit most of your standard doors. However, it does have enough space for the door handle and to avoid being closed in the door. The height of the cover is 5 foot and the width is 30 inches.

Material wise the restroom door cover is made from plastic. While this may make it look like it is a little cheap if your door is narrow or you have a handle set way in, it makes it easier for you to cut the door handle and know it will fit around the handle properly.

Is The Skeleton Restroom Door Cover Thick?

Now, this is a common question and unfortunately, this cover is not as thick as what you would expect. So you will want to make sure you know about this cover and it is not as thick as what you would expect. However, unless your door is some bright neon blue, it will do a good job of keeping the door color hidden.

How Durable Is The Skeleton Restroom Door Cover? 

Durability is going to be a major concern because of how the cover is made and how thin it is. This is a cover that is going to be somewhat durable, but it does not mean that you should take and start throwing darts at it and expect it to survive. If you are sensible, like I am, you will notice the cover can last you several years before it starts to give you any problems or needs to be replaced.

As a side note when you are using this cover it is important to take the cover off carefully and put it on carefully. Then you will be able to avoid tearing the decoration as it does require tape to get it into place.

My Final Thoughts On The Skeleton Restroom Door Cover

I love this thing, it is unique and at the same time, it can be scary the first couple of times you go to the bathroom or if your kids go. The novelty of the decoration is something I like, but so is the fact this is one of those decorations you can only really get away with during Halloween. So I really like the way this decoration for that reason and I know some people will disagree because it is a restroom door cover, but I have to say if you need that one decoration to set you off, then check this one out.