Find Out About The Cuisinart CPK17

Google is great at giving you information, but it also is a great way to kill an entire afternoon looking for an . I know I have experienced this pain before and that has really made it easy for me to feel sympathy for your case and help out as much as possible. With that being said, here is our of the Cuisinart CPK17 .

Cuisinart is a brand that you may recognize as they have been making equipment for years. The company has made everything from stand mixers, hand mixers, blenders, and even coffee makers. What is even better is the company stands behind the products they make and sell.

Features Of The Cuisinart CPK17 Electric Tea Kettle

The capacity of the kettle is at the 1 and 2/3 liter region. This capacity is not the largest capacity that we have ever seen, but as far as the kettles go this capacity is a decent amount and will help you in getting the proper amount of water for you to enjoy several cups of tea right away.

The 1500 Watt heater is going to be another factor that you are going to like. This heater can draw your electric down at times, but you need to realize it will be  a great way for you to get the water heated up in a matter of minutes instead of it taking quite a bit of time to get the water heated up.

Boil dry protection is something else you will like as well. When you look at the boil dry protection it is going to help keep your heating element from getting damaged. Without this you could end up running out of water and the heater element could keep on heating which can damage the machine.

Does The Electric Kettle Have A Keep Warm Feature

You may think that it is very easy to keep the water warm inside of these kettles since so many of the are insulated like the Bella Ceramic kettle. However, this is not the case for most of the kettles for the insulation factors. With that being the case you will notice this kettle has a feature that is going to keep the water warm for at least thirty minutes before it needs to be turned on again.

Is It Easy To Gauge The Water Amounts

This is a kettle that actually makes this very easy to use and see how much water you have left. The gauge is easy to read, but if you have any doubts about the water amount you just have to turn on the backlight. With the blue color of backlighting it is rather easy for you to see how much water you have inside of the kettle at any given point in time.

Are The Temperature Presets Easy To Use

Temperature presets may not be something that you are familiar with since you are going to just put the kettle on the stove and turn it on. However, this is going to be a kettle that you are going to enjoy because you can set the temperature on a preset for the type of tea that you are making. You can also use the straight boil feature to make it easier for you to boil water for coffee if you want to or even to get boiled water for a boil advisory.

What Type Of Noise Does The Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle Make

While you may not realize this the water is going to be the main source of the noise. The water when it first starts out with the heating process is going to be very quite and laid back, almost to the point that you would not know that it is on. However, with this kettle the water when it starts to get warmer you will notice that it is going to have more noise, but at least this gives you a good idea as to when your water is going to be done and ready for you to use in your cup of tea.

Who Would The Electric Tea Kettle Best Work For

This is the best question to ask because this kettle does not work for everyone. However, if you are looking at this kettle you need to realize it will work best if you want to select your temperature or plan on using a lot of water. Both of these people will love the kettle because it is very easy for you select the temperature based off of your tea type, but also if you drink with the Yeti cups, then you will like the capacity of the kettle since it will hold quite a bit of water and get it warmed up for you quickly.

Who Would Not Benefit From The Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle

When you look at this kettle, those would not benefit from it the most would be those who want something straightforward that is going to be able to boil the water for them. That is because the temperature settings that are available can be confusing at times for you to use and that can make it very difficult at times to get the right setting for what you are going to be using the kettle for.

Our Final Thoughts On The Cuisinart CPK 17 Electric Tea Kettle

When you are looking for a great electric kettle from a good brand, then you need to realize the Cuisinart is an electric tea kettle that you can rely on and use on a regular basis. You just have to make sure it is going to have the right temperature setting that you want to have, but also know that the setting is going to make it easier for you make a perfect cup of tea. Either way the Cuisinart electric tea kettle is one of the best ones on the market for you to have a great cup of tea.