Epica 6 Tea Kettle

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Epica 6 Tea Kettle If you are like me you just want to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea quickly and where you are sitting. The problem is your tea kettle needs to be at the stove for you to get the hot water to make your tea. Not to mention finding a tea kettle that is mobile can take hours to do. Thankfully we have taken a lot of the guesswork out for you and decided to do our review of the Epica Cordless .

The Epica brand is one that we had not really heard of before. However, when we started to do our research we started to find that this was a great brand that was going to make quite the difference in how we liked the product. So this was definitely something that we take into account because this is a great that you are sure to fall in love with to help guarantee you are able to get the great tasting tea quickly and easily.


Features Of The Epica Cordless Electric Tea Kettle

Six preset temperature ratings are going to be one thing that you are going to enjoy. While you may think that heating up water and just putting in with your tea bags to steep or the French Press for coffee is the best thing to do, you would be wrong. The machine has these temperature settings for the specific types of tea and coffee that you are making. So the temperature would be perfect for getting the tea and other items made to perfection.

A major issue with a lot of the electric is they tend to cool off really quick and this means having to reheat your water time and time again. With this kettle, it does have a keep warm button that will help you in keeping the water warm for a full half hour. So if you drink your tea quickly you can easily get more water right away and know it is still warm.

Clear gauge on the back of the tea kettle, under the handle will make it very easy for you to get the right measurement for the water that you have left in your kettle. This way you will have the proper amount of water when you go to turn on the kettle and know that it is going to be enough for you to keep your tea cup filled with water, instead of running out of water.

How Is The Water Heated Up?

Now this is something that you need to realize is that this is not cordless in the sense that you can heat the water up like you would use a cordless drill. What it means by cordless is the fact that you are able to use this kettle on the warming plate and then move the kettle part around without having to worry about the cord getting in your way when you are trying to pour some of the water out. So the main way that the water is going to warm up and stay warm is by the warming plate that you can use.

Does The Handle Get Hot? 

This is something that really gets us is some of the tea kettles that we have used are going to have a handle that for some reason gets very hot. This means that you have to be careful when you are pouring it or you could end up burning your hand on the tea kettle. With the way this handle is set up it is going to keep your hand away from the hotter part of the kettle, but also because of the material it is not going to heat up and that will help keep the handle cool.

What Kind Of Capacity Is Present

This is the interesting aspect as the kettle will hold a total of 7 cups of water. So you will be able to have plenty of water. However, you will find like I did that the cups that I use tend to use two or even four cups of water at once. This is very true when I look at the Yeti type of cups that are going to keep everything warm for you for twenty four hours.

How Easy Is This To Clean?

When you are looking at this kettle you may start to ask how easy is this to clean. That is a common question and one that you should answer before you buy. So you should make sure you know about the fact that this is a very easy unit to clean. Then you do not have to be concerned about the difficulty in getting the electric tea kettle clean and ready to use.

Who Will Enjoy The Electric Kettle The Most

The electric kettles as we have mentioned work great for people who want to have a cup of tea quickly. That is because the kettle is going to heat the water up quickly. Who else will like the Epica electric tea kettle is the serious tea drinkers. That is because the kettle has the temperature settings that will let you set the specific settings for the tea that you are planning on drinking.

Who Would Not Like This 

The kettle is going to use quite a bit of electric all at once. In fact one report talked about the kettle using 1500 Watts all at once. This may not seem like a lot, but if your homes electric is not that big you may notice the machine can cause your lights to dim or have some of your other electronic items in your .

Our Final Thoughts

We really like to have a great cup of tea in the morning and even in the middle of the afternoon and conclude the day with, well you guessed it another cup of tea. So you can see that we really need to have a kettle that is able to keep up with our needs. Since that is the case we are going to tell you that we really like the fact this is an electric tea kettle that heats up quickly, but also avoids the cord being an issue when you go to pour the water into your cup. Overall, this is definitely a kettle that we like and really enjoy because of the ability to set the temperature for our teas.