Coffee is the nectar of the God’s at least that is what my husband says. With that being the case, we often experiment with a lot of different coffees and . In all of our research we found out of all the 12 cup the Cuisinart DCC 2650 Central Programmable Coffeemaker as being one of the best on the market. In fact, out of all the coffee makers on the market this one seems to do some of the best work at getting some great cups of coffee for you to drink right away or because it is a 12 cup all day long. For more information on the coffee makers, check out our five best 12 cup coffee makers.

What We Liked With The Cuisinart DCC 2650

The fully automatic features are one of the best options we have found with the Cuisinart. With these features it is going to allow the coffee maker to start on its own, but also allows you to know the coffee is going to be brewing to the settings that you have set up already. So this is definitely something that we really love with the Cuisinart because it means you can have the coffee maker set up to make your coffee before you even head to bed.

The Gold Tone filter is a great feature as it is a filter that is not going to have to be removed as it is permanent. However, in addition to this filter we really love the fact this machine has a charcoal filter that is going to help in removing the impurities in the water. So this is a definite plus when you consider all the water problems that have been talked about in recent times for everything from major cities to little towns.

What We Did Not Like With This Coffee Maker

The main issue that we have with this coffee maker is the fact that the longest time we have available to set the warming plate for is a total of four hours. While we generally have most of the coffee gone long before this time frame we would like to see it go a little bit longer for keeping the coffee warm for a long period of time.

Our Final Thoughts

Coffee is often the first thing we make at our each morning. However, we have found it is very hard to find the for us to use. With most of the people in our home drinking coffee it is very important for us to have a big coffee maker going. Cuisinart is a brand of coffee maker that we have seen in a lot of restaurants, but also seen in quite a few homes. With that being said Cuisinart is easily one of the best coffee makers on the market.

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