Buying a coffee maker used to be as simple as going to the local Walmart and picking up the first one on the store shelf. However, with the Internet and online shopping it is extremely difficult to find the best coffee maker on the market. We have ranked what we believe as the five best and out of that entire list the Hamilton Beach Single Coffee 49980A ranked 2nd in our list. This is a unique coffee maker in that it does manage to make a single cup of coffee if you want it to, but at the same time is able to make you a full pot of coffee as well. So that is one of the most interesting things that we have found about the Hamilton Beach coffee maker here. With out anything else being said let us start the of the Hamilton Beach Single Coffee maker, that actually will make a full pot of coffee.


What Does The Hamilton Beach Single Coffee 49980A Do?

It is fairly obvious since we are talking about coffee makers, so this will vacuum the floor for you. Just kidding, this is a coffee maker that has the unique ability to provide you with some options when you are trying to make coffee. The main option is the fact this is a coffee maker that is going to allow you to select between a single cup of coffee or a full pot, which is going to make it easier for you to pick up the type of coffee that you want to have. So this is a great feature that we really love with the coffee maker and how it is going to help you have a great cup of coffee right away.

How Do You Use The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

As we mentioned the coffee maker offers you two ways to make the coffee that you want to drink in the morning. If you are on the go, you can use the single cup brewing system, which is a great option. To use the single cup option you make sure your cup is under the spout, but then you just put your freshly ground coffee, we will be doing an article on coffee grinders in the future, in the mesh basket or a pod. Not a K-Cup, which is not used with this system. Then you just turn on the machine and it will brew the great cup of coffee for you.

With the carafe side of the machine you will pretty much do the exact same thing. The difference is the carafe side, when set to brew in this manner will brew you an entire 12 cup pot of coffee. So you are going to be able to get to enjoy some great coffee all day long. The downside is the warmer plate with the coffee maker only going to last  a couple of hours.

 Features Of The Coffee Maker By Hamilton Beach

  • Has an option for two ways to brew your coffee, in a single cup or a carafe method. NOTE it does not take K-Cups
  • Has separate water reservoirs for the single cup of coffee or on the carafe side it does have a larger capacity reservoir that comes with measurements.
  • Adjustable height levels for the single cup side of the coffee maker.
  • Brew strength indicator will make it easier for you to have the coffee to put hair on your chest or a weaker brew if you were not in the military.
  • The control panel will make it easier for you to set up the programmable timer and have it ready to brew your next cup before you even get up the next morning.

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Does The Cup Come With The Hamilton Beach 49880A Coffee Maker?

The coffee maker picture is shown as having a mug, which can be misleading because we have found out at the time of publication that no coffee cup is included. So this is one thing you really need to know because the pictures we have found do show the cup being included with the purchase. So make sure you look at this as it can be a make or break decision at points for people. For us we prefer our own coffee cups so this does not even matter to us.

How Do You Select Between The Single Cup And Twelve Cup For The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker?

Another great question to have answered and the best answer is the machine has a selector on the control panel. This allows you to select between the 12 cup or the single cup. It is very important to note that you have two separate water reservoirs and you have to make sure you have it filled up with water and the proper selection made on the control panel or you could end up not having your cup of coffee ready for you to head out the door.

What Pods Does This Coffee Maker Use? 

This is a good question because it just calls them the soft pods. However, we know that it is important to know what pods you can use and in our research we found the machine uses the Senseo pods. These pods are great, but a major issue we have found is these are not as widely available as the K-Cups. The good news is that outside of the Senseo pods, they do include a filter that you can use your own coffee with. So this is going to be a great way for you to brew your own coffee if you want to without any pods.

What Size Cup Can The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Handle?

Looking at this coffee maker in the pictures it does look like a larger coffee cup is being shown in the pictures. However, we did some research and can tell you that the coffee maker can safely handle cups that are up to 14 ounces in size. So you would not be able to stick your mega sized 64 ounce water cup under their, but you can put a regular size cup under the coffee maker on the single size and not really have to worry about it overflowing or not leaving you enough room for cream.

 Our Final Thoughts On The Hamilton Beach 49980

Coffee is one drink that we want to start our morning off with each day. However, we have found that it is very difficult to judge at times if it is going to be a full pot type of morning or a single cup day. That is what makes the Hamilton Beach coffee maker that we have talked about here such a great machine. The coffee maker gives you the option for a single cup if you are in a hurry or if you are not in much of a hurry and want to enjoy yourself even more, then you will love the fact that you can get a full pot of coffee as well. Overall, we really like this model of coffee maker and really love the option for a single cup of coffee if we need it. This is a coffee maker that makes our strong consideration for buying.

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