Read The DeLonghi DCF2212T Coffee Maker Review

Drinking coffee is something that I do each morning. However, I know that I need to find the to do the job. We have been talking about the that are on the market lately and have found what we believe to be the five best 12 cup and decided to launch into of each individual coffee maker that we ranked. The DeLonghi model that we are talking about here was ranked 3rd in our group of five, which is a great place to be in. Since it did make our list we are going to review the DeLonghi DCF2212T coffee maker.

First let us introduce the DeLonghi. It is obviously a coffee maker from the DeLonghi brand, but it is a coffee maker that has a long reputation of making great machines. This is one of the 12 cup the company has made. Read on to find out more about the machine to see what we liked, get questions answered, and find out what we did not like with this model of coffee maker.

What We Liked

The first thing that we liked is the fact this is a coffee maker that has a carafe that is reachable from the front. This may not seem like it is that meaningful, but you need to realize it actually is. In fact, it makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the carafe out of the machine and not have to try to find it. However, this also makes it easier to position because you know that no matter where you put it on the counter that you have to be able to get to the center of the machine.

A gold tone filter may not seem like it is going to do much. However, I quickly realized this is the DeLonghi filter that is meant to keep the finest grounds of coffee trapped in the filter, instead of in your cup. So this is a great feature, but you need to realize that if the filter is not draining fast enough because you used to much coffee their is not much that is going to help you in getting the coffee grounds from going into your cup.

What We Did Not Like With The DeLonghi

While this is usually not a problem because my husband can drink coffee all day long, their is no way to do less than four cups of coffee. So you are going to have to brew at least four cups when you go to use this coffee maker or you could end up having a super strong cup of coffee or a cup that is not going to suit your needs because you made so much of the coffee. So this is something that you need to consider as well when you are looking at this coffee maker and plan on getting it.

What Is The Aroma Button On The DeLonghi Coffee Maker

This is a question we honestly asked ourselves when we first seen that it had this feature. After doing some research we found this is a button that is going to take the coffee and have it soaking in the water for a short time before it starts to brew the coffee. By soaking the coffee in water it is going to unlock some of the smells that we all love with coffee, but also going to make the coffee taste better and have a better appeal for your taste buds.

What Is The Gold Tone Filter

The gold tone filter that comes with the DeLonghi DCF2212T drip coffee maker is the DeLonghi companies solution to a permanent filter. While, I personally find a permanent filter something that is troublesome, I know it can be a great solution if you dislike buying coffee filters each day.

Can It Have A Timer Set Up

A great feature with this coffee maker is the fact it has a timer that you can set. The timer is programmable for 24 hours. However, if you do sleep in, though,you are sure to enjoy the fact this is a coffee maker that has a 2 hour heating plate.

Our Final Thoughts On The DeLonghi

We love drinking our coffee in the morning. However, we have found that it is rather difficult to make a great cup of coffee in the morning if you do not have the right coffee maker. To that end we have found the DeLonghi DCF2212T is a great coffee maker and actually ranked 3rd in our five best coffee makers available on the market today. Since this is the case, it is easy to see this is a great coffee maker and can easily provide you with the best drink of coffee each time you turn the coffee maker on each morning.

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