Learn About The 3624 SpotClean

When you are cleaning your carpet you may not need to do the entire floor at once. This is when you should realize their are that are going to work great for this type of cleaning job you have to do. However, with all the different models on the market it can be very difficult to find the right one to do the job for you. This is when you should know more about the 3624 SpotClean portable carpet cleaner. Learning about this model of carpet cleaner it will make it easier for you to get the right carpet cleaner that is going to complete the work you have to do, but also know it is easy to move around and get all of your carpet cleaned up and ready for the next days work.

Features Of The 3624

  • The hose is a flex hose and comes in the length of five feet.
  • Can work on anything from carpet, furniture to your vehicles upholstery.
  • Has several different tools one is the 6 inch stair tool and another is the 3 inch tough stain tool.

What Does The Bissell 3624 Good For? 

This is a good question and is definitely a question that we asked before we started to evaluate this carpet cleaner as we do want one that can be used on a regular basis. Now that brings up a slight problem as we wanted to talk about you can use on a regular basis. However, we never thought about using a spot carpet cleaner on a regular basis and that is what you can do with this machine. Granted, it will not work on doing the entire home for the carpet cleaning jobs, but if you have those small spills that you need to get up then this is definitely the choice of carpet cleaners you need to use.

Extra Large Water Tanks Help With The Cleanup Process

This is a feature that we really like with this portable carpet cleaner. That is the fact this is a machine that has extra large water tanks. This makes it easier for you to get the cleaning work done and not have to be concerned about having to stop time and time again to get more water or to empty out your dirty tank. So this definitely makes it nicer to get the work done and complete the job in a timely manner, instead of it taking you all day and night.

Super Long Cord Makes It Easy To Reach Everything

Nothing is worse than when you are looking at a spot on the carpet that is just out of reach for your carpet cleaner. However, when you are using this the cord length is usually not going to be a problem as the cord is over 20 feet long. The only downside is since the cord is so long it may be easier for you to end up getting the cord tangled up around your feet, which is a huge problem because that tends to lead to you tripping.

Non-Spinning Brushes A Problem

Unfortunately this is a problem that I have found out in many different reports and that is the fact the brushes do not spin on their own. If you do not mind powering the brushes on your own then it is a great option, but I found in my own uses a powered bristle head tends to work quite a bit better than what the hand powered heads are.

Accessories With The Bissell 3624 Carpet Cleaner

The accessories that are inluded with the Bissell as a standard equipment is definitely a nice option. Here is the standard equipment.

  • 3 inch Tough Stain Brush
  • 6 inch Stair Tool
  • Depending on the model/store you buy from you may find it has the Professional Deep Cleaning formula with it.

Our Final Thoughts

We really like this carpet cleaner for its ability to spot clean. Now if we are going to be cleaning up our entire home we do not really think this would last long enough to do that type of work. However, when we started to look at this machine as a spot machine it definitely meets the needs that we have, but also can handle most of the spots in a timely manner. Overall, the machine is nice and works great, but I do like the power of a spinning brush as well. Once you take this into consideration it will be easy for you to see this is the best option for you or if you need to consider one of the other carpet cleaners in our top five list of carpet cleaners.

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