Cuisinart TOA 60 Fryer Toaster

Cuisinart TOA 60 Fryer ToasterAs we mentioned we have already ranked the top 5 toaster ovens for small spaces and the one that came out on top was the . Some of the reasons are not so much size related, but instead, it tends to go along with the fact that this is a combination toaster oven and air fryer. With that being the case, it is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to reduce the amount of space needed for a couple of products to do multiple jobs. So I have to say, I really think this is not that bad of a deal, even if it does take up some room and with that being the case, I decided it was time to do our of the .

Features Of The Cuisinart TOA 60 

  • The toaster oven is going to pull 1800 Watts of electric, but it is going to also have 7 different functions that you can use. All of these will make it rather easy for you to do multiple functions at a single time.
  • With this item, it is going to provide you with an air fryer, convection bake, toaster, convection broil, regular bake, regular broil, but also can serve as a warmer as well. All of these can help you save quite a bit of space in your apartment and other items.
  • When you look at this unit you will notice the capacity is noted to be 6 slices of toast, but I will tell you that in my experience that is pressing it a little bit far as I can easily squeeze in 4 pieces and if I push it I can get 6 pieces in, but it is very crowded.
  • A timer is a great option you can find here and it will also be a lot easier for you to have a great counter and if you are making toast you have the darkness determination, which can help to a point, but it is still difficult to find the best medium with the toast doneness.

Common Questions

How Hot Does This Toaster Oven Get? 

Okay, now this is a toaster oven that can get warm on the top as I found that is where the vents are located. The sides of the oven, though, stay fairly cool and overall the unit does get warm and it is not going to be so hot that you cannot get the chance to touch it which you can do, but I would not recommend grabbing the sides or the top. It is also important that you leave enough space around the unit for it to get cooling.

What Foods Can You Make In The Toaster Oven?

The number of foods you can prepare really depends on the size of the dishes you plan on using. If you are going to use average sized dishes then you can make almost the same number of dishes that you usually would. Now, this does not mean that you can run out and buy a twenty-five pound turkey and text your mom on how long it takes to cook in a toaster oven, but it does mean that you can prepare a wide variety of dishes. In fact, you can even bake cookies in here if you want and do not mind taking the extra

How Difficult To Clean Is The Unit?

I will admit for the longest time I thought this thing was going to be impossible to clean because of the lip that is on the door and at the bottom the door has a ledge. Well, I am happy to admit that I found after months of carefully pulling the crumbs out bit by bit that the toaster oven does have a removable bottom tray. All you have to do is find the tray under the door and it slides right out. This allows you to clean the unit rather easily and keep it clean and ready to use at pretty much any point in time.

What Do I Enjoy With This Toaster Oven Air Fryer Unit

Thumbs Up For Liking

I have to say I love the fact that this toaster oven is one that has multiple cooking methods available. This is going to allow me to cook foods that I want, but also have a chance to reduce the amount of clutter that I have on my counters and other space in the . So I definitely love the fact that this can handle multiple jobs.

The ease of transitioning the unit from one cooking function to another is a great option as well. I know I never thought about this before, but when I look at some of the other cookers in mind and seen that you have to do this or that to make the transition and seen this cooker you do not even have to do that I knew that it was going to be a great option. So I have to admit that I do love the fact that this cooker is easy to use.

What else I love about the toaster oven is the fact that it cools off really quickly. With a lot of the toaster ovens I have used in the past you would be waiting for a couple of hours if not the majority of the day for the oven to cool off well enough for you to store it. With the Cuisinart, I have found it tends to cool off very quickly and this makes it easier to store rather easily.

What Do I Dislike With The Toaster Oven Here

A major thing that I dislike with the toaster oven actually has to deal with the toaster ovens rack. The rack if you have it in the toaster oven properly has a little bit of a lip on the rack and that makes it nearly impossible for you to get the bread out easily. I did fid a work around and that was to flip over the rack and that would allow me to get the bread out easily, but at the same time it does decrease the amount of bread that you can toast at a time.

My Final Thoughts On The Toaster Oven

ThoughtWell, I do have to say if youare looking for a great toaster oven then you will want toconsider the Cuisinart TOA 60 Fryer Toaster. This is one that is going to be a fyer toaster combination and that helps out as well for space saving. You just have to make sure you read the manual to guarantee you use this to its fullest potential, but also to guarantee you get the best results that you can have. Overall, I have to say the Cusiniart TOA 60 Fryer Toaster combination is one that you are sure to love and will want to make sure you consider if you have a small space or just want to have some extra room in your kitchen.