Dillon 995 Tuba

Read The Dillon Music 995 BBB Tuba

Dillon 995 Tuba Student tubas are a challenge to find because you have so many challenges and selections to make. We know that it is very easy to search Google for hours and never really be able to find the results that you want. To help you make a choice, we have launched the five best student tubas and on that list the Dillon Music 995 made the list at our number 2 spot.

Dillon as a company that has been selling musical instruments goes back to 1992. However, the history of the company as a musical family is going to be seen dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War. In fact, a lot of the Dillon family was musically inclined and served in the armed forces, mainly as the fifers for the armies before the invention of the radio that made the fifer fairly antiquated. As for the company they have grown from a very small company to one that ships musical instruments all over the world.

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Features Of The Dillon Music Tuba

The tuba has a fairly good height and it is going to make it easier to handle. The tuba itself is going to stand 34 inches tall. The bell itself is going to have a 15 inch diameter, which is going to make it easier for your player to get the great sounds that you want to have and know it will make it easy for you to have great music played.

Top action Monel piston valves is another thing that you are going to like. The top action is going to make it easier for you to get the valves played, but also know that the valves have the proper diameter of bore holes because they can start to make it quite a bit easier for your students to play when they are trying to play the tuba and be able to reach the valves fairly easily.

Cases are generally included with the tuba when you buy. Now this can change at times, but in most of the cases people have reported that they are getting a great hard covered case with the tuba and this makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the protection that you want for an instrument that is going to cost you close to a grand.

Is The Tuba’s Weight Properly Balanced?

The tuba is going to clock in at 55 pounds so it is important to know if this tuba is properly balanced for making it easier for you to hold or not. Thankfully a lot of people have reported this is a tuba that has been balanced for weight and they are able to sit very comfortably at the table or even in a chair and get the tuba played properly without it pulling them one way or the other.

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Does The Musical Tones Have The Proper Coverage Of Range? 

While a lot of tubas and other instruments are going to claim they have a great range, you need to realize this is not always the case. Since this may not be the case, you should rejoice that the Dillon 995 has been reported to have a perfect coverage range of the BBB range. So this will make it easier for you to learn about the musical sounds that you are able to get and know they are going to be great sounds for you to enjoy.

Is The Construction Durable? 

Normally when you are looking at a tuba you know the construction is durable. However, you are now looking for a tuba for your kids so you need to make sure the tuba is strong and durable. The good news is you will find this is going to be a tuba that has been able to withstand some abuse. Now this does not mean you should go out and throw it in the locker each day, but if you accidentally have an issue with it, then the chances are good that you will have a good chance for the tuba to survive.

Who Is This Tuba Meant For? 

Students are going to really love this tuba because they are going to have a great time with the tuba. Now this is going to make it easier for the kids to learn. However, what you need to realize is this tuba has the great sounds and will help your student players learn how to play the tuba better, without having to really have the horrible sounds that are present in some of the instruments.

 Who Would Not Like This Tuba? 

When you are looking at the weight of this tuba, you may find that it is going to be very difficult to get the light weight that you want to have. The tuba is rather heavy at 55 pounds, but it is going to be well balanced like you want to have. So this is could really help you in getting the right tuba that you want to have.

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Our Final Thoughts On The Dillon 995

Finding the right tuba is a challenge, but what you need to realize is the tubas can be very difficult to find because you have such a wide selection available to make. This is when you need to know that we really like the Dillon 995 because it is well balanced to hold, but it also is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to play the sounds and know the sounds are pitch perfect. That way any of the mistakes you may make when you are using this tuba will be covered up because of the fantastic sounds that are being produced when you are playing the tuba.

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