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Enjoying a steak when you to is always a great thing to do. However, with so many steakhouses you could easily blow through the dinner hour and have to catch a late meal. We have taken the guesswork out of the choice and already rated the five best steakhouses and now are doing the individual of the steakhouses and in this it will be covering Saint Elmo steakhouse.

Saint Elmo steakhouse has been in the same place since it opened in 1902. So the location obviously is doing something right or they would not be around still, let alone in the same location. Just imagine all the history the location has seen as well.

Location And Hours Of Saint Elmo Steakhouse

The location of Saint Elmo is at 127 S Illinois Street.

Sunday  4 PM – 10 PM

Monday thru Friday 4 PM -11 PM

Saturday 3 PM -11 PM

What Is Our Favorite Dish

The flavor of the steak is what draws us back here time and time again. When we start to look at the menu we literally have to get a napkin ready to clean up the drool from the menu that we are looking at. The steak that we love is going to be the Bone-In (Cowboy) Ribeye. This steak is made to perfection and it is going to be something that you will really like to have if you want to have a great steak with blended flavor that you can only get with the bone. Throw in the fact that the side dish that we find as perfect the loaded baked potato and it will be easy to have a filling meal that you would want to have.

For desert, yes, we love our deserts. We have a tendency to go a little overboard and get the seasonal pie. The downside is this will vary with what is in season, but at the same time the pies are bought from a local bakery that is completely off the scale and makes the food great as well. So this is a great thing if you do not mind traveling in different seasons, but also you get a great piece of pie that you can enjoy either in your hotel, the restaurant, or if you are a local at home.

What We Do Not Like

Okay, we love the steak and we know that not everyone is going to enjoy the steaks and pork as much as we do. However, Saint Elmo’s has a tendency to pride themselves on getting local ingredients as much as possible. The problem that we have is their are no real local fish sources here since Indianapolis is in the Midwest. So the seafood, while it is bought as fresh as possible is not coming from a local source, but this is a common problem for any restaurant in the Midwest.

Our Final Thoughts On Saint Elmo Steakhouse In Indianapolis

Now this is where we really tell you that you should eat here and I have to say we want you to eat here for a truly unique experience that will give you great food, but also have a historic location as well. The atmosphere that is present at the location combined with the quality of the food will prove that you cannot go wrong here. Great place to eat, but please make sure you bring your wallet because as with anything that you want that is quality you have to pay the price. The price is high, but the food is excellent and taste great and will leave you knowing you have eaten at one of the best steakhouses in Indianapolis.

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