The best gardens in North America come as dazzling as any you will find elsewhere in the world. These are more than just garden flowers; they have something to tell about each family member, each season and each place. Among these are more than 20 beautiful gardens in the U.S. alone. One of these is bound to be perfect for you.

Buffalo Bill Arboretum

One of the best gardens you can visit, that offers outdoor views of the prairie, is the Buffalo Bill arboretum. The Arboretum is a two-acre structure designed to attract wildlife to the area by providing habitat for a variety of birds and native plants. Native plants grow in full sun from early spring through late summer. This year’s species include songbirds, butterflies, various types of beetles and several species of moths. The garden is located in Luddenah, North Dakota

Luddenah is one of the best gardens to visit in the North as you drive through Luddenah. Just south of Luddenah is Grand Prairie, which has some of the most beautiful gardens of all time. These are large gardens that span three acres and include numerous sculptures. The western edge of this garden is two miles of beautiful landscapes and is surrounded by a rich, brushy landscape that is reminiscent of a wooded mountain range.

Evergreen National Park Area

One other area of the best gardens to visit is the Evergreen National Park. It is best known for its massive trees, many of which are over 100 feet tall. Many people visit this park for amazing trees and wildflowers. This park also allows visitors to hike along the thousands of trails throughout the park.

Florida Gardens

If you enjoy flowers then you should spend some time in Florida, which is to the best gardens of all time. The state of Florida has more than eighty different gardens to visit. These Gardens range from coastal plants to water gardens. Florida has a tropical botanical garden, which is found only in the state of Florida.

Providence Botanical Garden Rhode Island

On the east coast of the United States, you will find the beautiful botanical gardens of Rhode Island. These gardens are in reality two parks that are to a variety of botanical gardens. The Garden State Botanical Garden is on the eastern tip of Rhode Island and the Providence Botanical Garden is on the west side of the state.

Wave Hill Nursery

One of the best gardens to visit in North America is the Wave Hill Nursery. This particular garden is twenty-one acres and six hundred and seventy-five feet in height. There are two main areas of the conservatory garden that are open to the public. The first area includes sixteen thousand sunflowers that are planted biennially to promote blooming. This one of the best gardens in North America is also to a wave hill-climbing tower.

Rose Gardens

On the other hand, if you are interested in history then you may want to visit the Peabody Museum. The museum is the brainchild of Ebenezer Scrooge. He was the first owner of this particular farm. Many of the Peabody objects were sold to other collectors when the original owner died. The Rose Garden in North America is one of the largest collections of rose gardens that are open to the public. You can also see the vast collection of roses in their natural habitats.

Blue Ridge Parkway Landscape Gardens

The garden is also home to the Blue Ridge Parkway Landscape Gardens. This rose garden offers a scenic route for visitors who want to see a view of the blue ridge Mountains. You will also find a bird sanctuary that is located within the rose garden offers a great view of migrating birds. The rose garden offers gardens that are made from concrete and native plants. This garden is also home to a wildlife sanctuary along with a golf course. It is a complete vacation package.

The Best Japanese Garden

In addition to the gardens mentioned above, we feel compelled to leave the US for this one. The best Japanese Garden offers views of Mt. Fuji. In order to view the Fuji Range you must go to the Butchart National Park. The Butchart National Park is situated in Idaho and is easily accessible by car or train.

A Conclusion to Finding The Best Gardens In North America

There are many other botanical gardens in North America including the botanical gardens in California, Oregon, Washington state and British Columbia. These gardens offer beautiful scenery that is reminiscent of Asia. The best Japanese gardens are in Idaho, Washington state and British Columbia. The Botanical Garden of Illinois is another beautiful attraction in Illinois.

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