Recently, the new Fitbit Charge 4 activity tracking device has come onto the market. We wrote this to give you a good idea of whether to invest in products made by this company with its excellent tracking and heart rate monitors. This is a new product that aims to help people who are exercising to burn more calories and lose more weight. From their first day on the market, the Fitbit Charge 4 did not appear to be receiving a lot of attention. However, as people see this product the buzz is growing. It is one of the growing numbers of sport and general activity tracking devices by this company. The most recent models are provided with the additional capability to serve as a heart rate monitor, while also aiming to help consumers lose weight and get into better shape. So, how does this company fare when compared to other similar activity tracker companies?



Fitbit Range of Trackers and Smartwatches Devised by an Exercise Physiologist

The first thing that anyone should know about the Fitbit range of trackers and smartwatches is that it was created by a man named Justin Mateo. He is an exercise physiologist and fitness expert who designed and developed the technology. In his own words, the device was meant “to help create a revolution in health and fitness”. What he got at first when he publicised this idea was a lot of negative attention from mainstream media, which is something that he admits to. However, the company still has its headquarters in New York and has recently been bought out by Google and we have no doubt that the company will continue to move forward.



3 Different Kinds of Watches in the Fitbit Range

Fitbit has three different kinds of watches, each with its own feature set. The watches can be worn either on the wrist or the ankle. They also vary greatly in terms of the number of sensors that they have. Some watches just have one sensor while others have as many as five. The idea behind these watches is to get you to exercise in a more natural way so you do not have to worry about interruptions caused by other pieces of equipment.
When you read any Fitbit , you will find that the majority of consumers like the idea of being able to go anywhere with their watch. Since it is waterproof, you can use it in the pool or in the shower without worry. This means that you will not have to worry about replacing your watch after a trip to the gym if you do not get your workout in on time.

Fitbit Devices With Features to Help You Lose Weight

Fitbit watches also come with many features that are beneficial to those who are trying to lose weight. They have a system that monitors how many calories you are burning while you are exercising. They also will track your heart rate and tell you when you are performing at an optimal level. Fitbit also has a sleep analyzer built into the watch that can determine when you are sleeping the most and if you are getting enough rest.

Activity Trackers Sparked a Revolution in the Way people Get Fit

Fitbit has revolutionized the way people get fit. They have created a way to get started burning calories without having to put too much effort in. It will also help you figure out how many calories you are burning through the way the watch counts and measures the activities that you are doing. You can also get online support from experts that can help you make changes based on your results. There are also several free activities that can help you set goals for yourself.


Fitbit Tracking Devices Work Well And Are Used Often by Their Owners



While reading the many available Fitbit have found that Fitbit bands and watches do work. They are used by their owners. People get off the bus and immediately begin working out with the fitness features that are offered. The easy to use interface is something that is fun to use. Many people find that they do not need to purchase extra devices to get the same results. The Fitbit watches can also be used as an ordinary watch without the monitor that offers more features.


This Fitbit has shown that many people find that the Fitbit range of activity tracking devices helps them to get started with losing weight and building muscle mass. They can also keep track of their improvements. It is easy to set up an account and can be accessed from any location. The small size is very appropriate for many people. It is affordable and helps you get fit at without having to pay for gym memberships or drive to one.

The author Steve discovered just how well Fitbit tracking devices work 3 years ago, to motivate and help you lose weight. He has been using one ever since! Check out his website here.