5 Best Wine Fridges For Home

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A wine fridge is not really a necessary item to have in your home, but if you are a wine drinker then you know just how valuable these fridges are. However, a simple search on your favorite shopping site from Amazon to Walmart will pull up hundreds of different results which means you have to narrow down the selection of the wine fridge to buy. Well, I have looked at several different wine fridges and have found what I think are the 5 best wine fridges for home use.

Wine bottle ready to go into wine fridges.

How I Narrowed Down The List

Well, I have to say that narrowing down a list like this was quite fun to say the least! I mean who does not want to have a good quality wine fridge? I know for me I personally love my wine and the wine fridge to keep the wine chilled. To narrow down my list I did look at several different factors to find the right wine fridge.

One of the first factors that I looked at was the number of bottles the fridge could hold. I mean if it only held a couple of bottles it would do me no good and highly doubt it would do you any good either. So I looked at the capacity of the wine fridge before I considered any of the other factors that were even in my eye.

A second factor that I consider is what the temperature settings are on the fridge. I know most of the fridges have an automatic setting and you set it and forget it. However, I like to know what the temperature should be for the fridge when I am buying it and what the setting should be at. This way I can double check to make sure the fridge is working properly.

Finally, I consider the size of the fridge. Yes, I know this is one factor that actually ranks a little bit higher for me, but in reality the size is the last thing I think about because I am like most people and figure it out as I go. Still, I want to make sure the wine fridge will fit in the area that I am looking at putting it inside of my home.

5. Arctic King 34 Bottle Wine Cooler

The Arctic King is a wine fridge that I have found that does its job at a reasonable price. The cooler is one that has a fairly stable temperature control, but also has new compressor chilling technology that helps to keep the fridge cooler and working faster. The shelves in the fridge are a slide out style that makes it easier for you to select the wine that pairs perfectly with the meal that you are preparing.

  • Holds 34 bottles of wine.
  • Uses newer technology for the compressor to make cooling faster and easier.
  • Slide out drawers make finding the right wine easier.
  • LED light inside the fridge illuminates it perfectly.
  • Glass door makes it easier to look into the fridge.
Arctic King 34 Bottle Wine Fridge
Find out more information or buy now!

4. Danby 36 Bottle Free Standing Wine Cooler

The Danby wine cooler is one that I did find while looking and it does have a lot of favorable reviews. However, I am on a budget and I did balk a little bit at the price which is just over the 400 dollar mark once sales tax is included. Still this is a cooler that holds 36 bottles of wine and has a decent temperature range from 43 to 57 degrees.

  • Holds 36 bottles of wine.
  • Has a glass door to make for easier viewing.
  • Pocket style handle on the door makes opening easier.
  • Flat back allows for easier positioning of the cooler.
  • Blue LED light showcases the bottles perfectly.
Keep all of your wine cool.

3. 24 Bottle Wine Fridge

The brand is one that I have not really heard much about and I have to admit at 24 bottles of wine it is not overly large compared to the other models that I have talked about already. However, this is a fridge that has a temperature range from 40-65 degrees. The plus side is the auto defrost on the motor will keep it from having issues that can build up over time. At the same time, though, it is smaller and will fit into quite a few spaces.

  • Holds 24 bottles of wine.
  • Has a variable temperature that is optimal for wine storage.
  • The shelves are optimal for wine bottle storage.
  • The compressor in the wine fridge has an auto-defrost to prevent freeze up.
  • Modern design fits into most of the styles and layouts.
24 Bottle Wine
Check out the Vinturi today.

2. Avanti WCT6C5S 6 Bottle Wine Cooler

I know that one of the main factors I listed in selecting a fridge is size and this one only holds six bottles. Well, I have to say not everyone is going to go out and buy twenty or more bottles of wine a month. Some people, myself included are going to get one or two bottles to maybe six to start off with. Well, this is a wine fridge that fits that billing perfectly. This is a fridge that holds 6 bottles, but has the soft touch controls with an LED light. Not to mention if you are worried about the temperature for your wine the Avantai Cooler takes care of that with an easy to check temperature readout.

  • Holds 6 bottles of wine.
  • Compact design that could feasibly fit on the counter.
  • Has a thermoelectric cooling system.
  • Slide out shelves making access to bottles easy.
  • Cost effective for people without a lot of wine.
Avanti 6 Bottle Wine Cooler
For the smaller wine drinkers.

1. MOOSOO 30 Bottle Wine Fridge

Okay, the MOOSOO is the largest wine fridge I am covering, but at the same time it is also the most expensive and comes in at over 550 bucks. Now, this a wine fridge that has a 30 bottle capacity of the 750ml bottles. The fridge does use the compressor technology which makes it easier to cool down and have running for a longer period of time and staying cool for a long period of time. The glass door is a double layered glass, which is going to protect your wine bottles from outside heat. The best part is unlike some of the fridges I have seen that need the temperature reset after a power outage, this one resets itself automatically.

  • Large capacity that can handle 30 bottles.
  • Compressor technology helps to cool bottles quickly and maintain steady temperature.
  • Double layered glass door helps to resist outside heat.
  • Automatic temperature reset when power goes out.
  • Senses changes in outside temperature for automatic adjustment in settings.
MOOSOO 30 Bottle Wine Cooler
Top of the line and large capacity wine cooler.

How To Pick Your Own

As I have mentioned picking your own wine fridges comes down to several factors. Now, the ones that I have picked out above are the ones that I feel are the best on the market and suit a wide variety of needs for people. The downside is the cheapest one after taxes comes in at over 150 bucks and the most expensive is over 600. Still, what you need to do is find the bottle capacity that fits your needs and then go from that point to see which fridge here suits you best.

My Final Thoughts

Buying a new wine fridge can be expensive, but well worth the cost. Now, the major issue that a lot of people have is they are unaware of what to look for in a fridge and end up getting the wrong one. I know that I have narrowed the list down quite a bit and have my 5 best wine fridges for home use here and that will definitely help you out as well. Either way, a wine fridge will help to keep your wine cool and ready to drink any time you want to have a glass and enjoy the evening.