Best Dash Camera For Your Car
Vehicle Dash without a dash camera.

Driving is a great way to get around town, but for some people it is starting to become a major challenge in driving and that leads to accidents. However, for a lot of people they may end up becoming the target of a lawsuit from the parties in the accidents who claim they were injured or having other issues with their vehicle. Well, that often falls back to the police report as to who was at fault and who should be paying for what, but that is not always the case. With that being said, a lot of people have decided to protect themselves a little bit further by having a .

Well, that leads to the next question as to what is the best on the market? Will the most expensive be the best one for my car? Well, hopefully we are able to help address that issue for you. In this article, we are going to cover what I feel are the five best dash cams for your car. Then you can finally find the camera that works for your needs, but unlike some of the dash cams on the market will not break your wallet either as we are on a budget, just like everyone else.

How Did I Narrow Down The List Of The Best Dash Cams For Your Car

I have to admit this was the challenging part because I wanted to balance the price with the quality. I mean, if you are like me I would rather spend five hundred bucks on a good quality camera to record family memories and not on a dash cam. So I looked at the price points and while some of these cameras do cost quite a bit of money it comes with the brand or the higher quality or even ability to use for multiple functions.

The price is obviously one of the first points that I looked at when I was checking out the quality of the camera. When I looked at the quality of the camera I tended to look towards the different quality of the image that it captured and how long it would record for. With that in mind that is how I came up with the 5 best dash cams for your car.

Uniden DC115 Dash Camera

The Uniden DC115 Dash Camera is one that not a lot of people are familiar with. The model is one that has quite a few features that everyone is going to love. The camera is a dual split screen model, which is a nice add-on, but it can make it difficult for you to actually be able to see the wide angle that you may end up looking for.

Uniden DC115 Dash Camera

The recordings that are being taken are in HD and do have the time and date stamp on the video. If you are driving at night, the dash camera from Uniden does use a infrared feature that makes it easier for you to see at night and still use the camera. Now, if you are looking to record your information that is actually fairly easy to do as well as the camera does record on an SD card, but remember recording HD footage can use up a memory card fairly quickly.

Overall, the Uniden DC115 is not that bad and at the time of this writing is costing just under 60 bucks. This is not that bad of a price when you look at all the features the camera has. With that in mind the camera gets a decent rating from us and it also means that you can easily get your dash cam and have it recording when you are driving down the road.

Poweradd 1080P DVR Camera Video Record Dash Cam

The Poweradd 1080P DVR Dash Cam is one model and brand that I am not overly familiar with. However, for the sake of price I decided it needed to make the list. The price is not the only great factor with this camera and that will quickly become evident in the little review that is going to be done here before getting a chance to read our in-depth review.

Poweradd 1080P DVR Camera Video Record Dash Cam

With many of the dash cameras it is going to be missing one key feature and that would be providing you with information on where you are at. The Poweradd, though, provides you interaction with the GPS systems and that will allow you to have a note where you were if you need to inform the police about something or if you are involved in an accident.

The camera does have the ultra wide angle of up to 140 degrees for the front lens, the back lens is going to be a little bit more limited in the fact that it will only have a view range of 120 degrees. The recording is done at a 1080P depending on the lens, but it does not clearly state if this is the video quality the entire time, but on the bright side the camera does have a built in microphone to use.

Acumen Wide Angle Video Vehicle Dash Cam

The Acumen is another brand that a lot of people have talked about, but still seems to be more along the lines of a generic type of brand. However, I will tell you that the camera is really affordable and is just over 20 bucks at the time of the writing here on Walmart’s website. What is even better is the camera is one that is very easy to install and that makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the camera ready to go.

Now, in addition to the low price and the ease of installation you will like the fact that the camera records in full HD at 25 frames per second of 1920x1080P quality. What is even better is recording such a high quality would normally take up the entire memory card in no time. Well, the Acumen Wide Angle Video Vehicle Dash Cam knows that could be an issue and uses some of the best compression technology around to make the file size quite a bit smaller than expected.

The Acumen camera uses 4 layers of super wide glass. The glass is going to allow you to get  120 degree view and that definitely is helpful for you to see what you are looking at. In addition to that if you are in an accident the camera has a G-Sensor which is going to lock the video being recorded which can provide you with a documentation of the accident.

Blackweb Digital Dash Cam

Blackweb is one of the brands that a lot of people tend to consider to be a knock off type of brand. However, if you have ever bought anything that has the Blackweb name on it, then you know the brand is not that bad and in fact actually helps to keep the cost of getting a dash cam down, but also allows you to get a quality piece no matter what kind of electronic you are buying for a very affordable price compared to some of the brands.

Blackweb Digital Dash Camera

The model that you are getting here is very basic in the act that it has a 120 degree wide angle lens that you can use. However, it is going to record the video at a 1080p HD, which is along the same lines as all the other video that you can find being record anywhere in these cameras that are listed above. The camera does use a built-in microphone to help get the audio you may need to have.

Now, I did mention that this is a very basic model and outside of the suction cup and the charging cord the above mentioned items are the main features of the camera. Now, what else you will find interesting is the fact that the camera is easy to install and for the price of under 20 bucks it is very hard to go wrong by buying this model of camera, but it is very basic and does not have a lot of the bells and whistles you may get for a few dollars more.

Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Garmin is one brand name that a lot of people will recognize with the GPS systems that everyone has come to recognize around the world. The downside is everyone knows about the quality of the Garmin equipment and that has allowed Garmin to raise their price a little bit on the products they are producing. The Garmin Dash Cam Mini is the most expensive one in the list of 5 best dash cams for your car as well, which can be a telling sign as to the quality.

A key feature with the Garmin Dash Cam Mini is the size. With most of the dash cameras it is very obvious that you that the camera is extremely small and provides 1080p video. The Garmin camera actually is the size of your keys and that makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the camera hidden and looking like you do not even have a camera installed in your car compared to what you would get with some of the larger dash cams on the market.

The Garmin Mini Dash Cam also has an app that you can use on your smartphone. This makes it easier for you to connect the camera to your phone and be able to view the footage from your phone. Then if you want to you can have the camera automatically store the video that you have when you are in an accident, which hopefully never happens.

Dash Cams For Cars Are A Great Option

Driving is a great privilege and on that a lot of people use. However, what you need to realize is not everyone will want to take seriously. That is when accidents happen when people do not take it seriously. This tends to lead to injury of people or potentially death. At the same time, though, the lawsuits that follow an accident can be pricey. To help combat the lawsuits a lot of people have started to get dash cams for their cars. While these can vary in price and quality, one thing that is certain is the dashcam footage gives a great view of what has happened in an accident. With that being said, it is very important to find the best dash cam for your car to help guarantee you the proper camera to record any accident you may be involved in.