Scooters sitting on a market square.
Scooters on a market square looking quite grand.

An electric scooter may not be on the top of your shopping items, but if you are looking at electric scooters you want the best. The scooters are not cheap by any measure, unless you are a millionaire and well even then money does not grow on trees. With that being the case I decided it was time to narrow down my list of what I feel are the five on the market today.

How Did I Narrow Down My List

Now, I will be honest I had quite a bit of help on the list here with my daughter and son both who are teens. Obviously, as teens they knew all about the scooters and like most teens were not happy with me when I told them they had to wear proper safety gear. As for the features I looked at was the type of motor, the durability of the motor, the weight of the scooter, and even the type of tires.

I know the tire or tyre type for my UK friends, is not that important to a lot of people it is to me. I want a tire that is durable and going to withstand a lot of abuse without having to change it right away. The tires are expensive enough as it is so I want a tire that will last for a long period of time and not one that goes flat after just a single ride.

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

The Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter is one of the top scooters in the market right now. The Razor brand is one that a lot of people have heard of before, but at the same time is a brand that multiple people know to provide a lot of enjoyment. So what does this electric scooter offer that the rest of the pack does not offer?

The model featured here is the newer model which has the power that is quite a bit more than the original model that was talked about before. That increase in power, which is 50% more than the original model, did not sacrifice ride time which has 2 times the battery life for riding.

With kids, since this model is recommended for kids 8 and up, it is fairly maintenance free. The Razor Power Core E90 does not have a chain or chain tensioner for obvious reasons. What else is great is the scooter does not require any alignment for it to work properly.

The kick start here is a nice way to start the scooter and get it running quickly and easily. It is important to note the motor is a high torque motor and the push-button throttle can easily launch you if you are not careful when using it.

While the model does have a great look to it, one drawback that I could see becoming an issue is the front brae. Now, this comes from my own experience on a regular pedal bike when I used only the front brake to stop my bike and lets say it was not a fun ride on the bike or in the ambulance. So that would definitely be an issue I would be cautious about.

Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

The Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Scooter is onto its second version here. The commuting electric scooter does have a little different connation compared to some of the other scooters we have talked about and one of the biggest changes is the fact that this scooter has a battery that is able to keep you going for a longer distance. The downside is this also makes it a little bit more expensive to purchase, so is it worth the cost to get the Gotrax or not really?

The second version has a great improvement that includes a hand brake. The hand brake makes it easier for you to stop your scooter when you are on the move. The other aspect that has been improved on is the cruise control. This makes it easier for you to have a set speed to use and know it will keep you at a steady pace.

Now, what else is great about the Gotrax electric scooter is the fairly large tires for a scooter. The tires are coming in at 8.5” tires and unlike some scooters that use the harder compound type of tires the scooter here actually uses pneumatic tires, which is a fancy way of saying air. The good news is that helps to smooth out the ride with the scooter, but at the same time makes them more desirable to thieves and the company realized that and has a lock mechanism built into the scooter.

You might be tempted to think that a scooter does not move along that quickly, which is true to a point. However, with the electric scooter here it will reach 15.5 MPH and can handle people up to 220 pounds. This does include your clothing and backpacks as well.  Even then the 250 Watt Motor is quite powerful and will keep the scooter running.

The battery for the Gotrax GXL is a 36 volt battery and it does have a fairly long life that we mentioned earlier. The distance it travels will vary depending on several factors, but for the most part the scooter will last for anywhere from 9 to 12 miles. Then it will recharge in 4 hours and be ready to go again.

With the Gotrax model here, they not only have the lock mechanism, but also included a great feature that I like as well and that is the fact it folds down. When it is folded down and locked it is quite a bit easier for you to store. Now, if you are like me you may have a question about the handlebar since those stick up quite a bit higher. This is not the case here as the height from the handlebars to the deck of the scooter is only 38 inches.

As a drawback for this scooter though, from what we have seen is a lot of complaints from people having issues with the battery over time. Granted, batteries do die and need replaced, just look at our cars, but the problem that we have read about is the batteries are lasting only 5-6 months on average and needing replaced.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

The Xiamoi Scooter is one that I had not really heard a lot about. However, one thing that I did notice is this is a scooter that seems to be talked about in a very positive manner and one that a lot of people do enjoy. Now, the scooter does have a cult like following it would seem as it sits currently at a 3.5 star rating on Amazon and out of that 47% of the reviews are 5 star and 23% come along at the 1 star level. Now, with that in mind, we decided to include the Xiamoi scooter in our ranking list of the and that makes it easier for you to determine if this is a scooter for you or not.

The scooter here is going to make it easier for you to get to where you want to go in a fairly quick manner. The motor is 250W, which is enough for you to reach a top speed of about 15.5 miles per hour as long as the conditions allow for it. Unlike some of the other electric scooters on our list when you are using the scooter the Xiaomi helps out with the distance by helping you  get out to a reach of18.6 miles if the conditions are right.

A portable design makes it easier for you to hop onto the scooter and take it to your office. It is easy to think that you may not be able to bring this into the office. However, the Xiamoi is a scooter that makes it easier to put in the office with a folding design. What is even better is the fact that the scooter is fairly lightweight coming in at just a little bit over 26 pounds, which is usually light enough for anyone to carry.

Stopping is not an issue with the scooter that has a double braking system. This allows you to have a disc brake, but also an eABS regenerative antilock braking that helps keep you safe when you need to come to a stop. The braking actually is good enough that it can stop you in 13.1 feet and that makes it easier for you to get stopped in a good distance as well.

With the Xiamoi scooter one issue that a lot of people have talked about is the steering and to a certain extent the braking system. When you look at the steering a lot of people have reported that it seems to be loose. This makes it a little bit more difficult to turn the scooter. The other thing that I see reported quite a bit was the braking system is not adjusted to really work that well right out of the box. So you need to make sure to adjust the brakes before you go out on the street or you could end up looking like Fred Flinstone stopping the scooter.

Segway Ninebot Max Electric Kick Scooter

One of the name brands, if you want to consider a brand for an electric scooter Segway would definitely be the brand that you have heard of. In fact, some people consider Segway to be the granddaddy of all the brands. So it would only make sense to include a Segway in our list of the five . In this article part we are talking about the Segway Ninebot Max Electric Kick Scooter. Now, you may be asking how did the Segway make it to our list, which is why you should read on to learn more about the Segway and why it made it to our list.

An aspect that I really loved with this Segway is the fact that it has a very powerful and revolutionary motor that powers the Ninebot along by producing 350W of power. That motor actually allows the scooter to reach over 18.6 miles per hour. However, what is really shocking is the fact that the motor has a very long battery life that will make it easier for you to travel greater distances, in fact the company claims you can use this up to 40 miles.

Some people will use this to get back and forth to the office directly, but others will only be using the Segway to jump from one bus stop to the next one. No matter what you are doing with the Segway one thing that you are going to enjoy will enjoy is the ease of collapsing down the Segway. In fact, if it is widely reported you can start to collapse down the Segway in as little as 3 seconds. This short time frame means you do not miss the bus or train. The downside is if you are trying to kill time outside the office the short time frame means you will not have that excuse anymore.

With this model you also get the added features of antilock brakes. These brakes are mechanical and electrical both. This makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the Segway scooted stopped without having to worry about it stopping to quickly on you or skidding.

Something else that is nice about this model is the comfort you get from the scooter. With a lot of the scooters they tend to not have the most comfortable ride or have only 8.5 inch tires. Well, this scooter is one that is very comfortable according to most users with front and rear wheel shock absorbers. These shock absorbers combined with the larger than normal 10 inch pneumatic tires it makes it very easy to handle most of the road conditions you are going to face.

As with most of the scooters and other items in our daily life you will find the Segway scooter allows you to have the latest in technology. With the Segway Ninebot it actually has Bluetooth and even cruise control with built in settings to use for certain conditions. These settings make it easier for you to get the suspension already adjust and ready to go for what you are going to encounter.

A very common complaint for the Segway is the battery life. While the company does make claims it will travel 40 miles on a single battery charge seems a bit much. In fact, one on Amazon mentioned that the Segway would only go about 21 miles before he had issue of it running out of power. So I would have to suggest that you keep a close eye on your battery power and remember that the 40 mile claim is only valid if you have the proper conditions being met.

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Electric Scooter

The Glion Dolly lightweight scooter is one that is meant for adults. This scooter is a nice one if you are looking for a model that is fairly inexpensive compared to the other scooters you can buy compared to some of the other ones. With this electric scooter it also has a 4.1 out of 5 star rating on Amazon as well which is decent compared to some of the other models we have looked at before. With that being the case, we decided that the Glion Dolly would make a great edition to all of our others that we have already included in our list so far.

With the scooter here it does have a great feature that makes it easier for you to get it stored almost right away. That feature is the fact that you can activate the folding with your foot and it takes you only a second to get the scooter collapsed back down to the easy to carry scooter. It is important to note that this feature is done with your foot so use caution when you are using the scooter to avoid activating it on accident.

The front brakes on the scooter are electric and antilock at the same time which makes it easier for you to stop. The rear brake is one that is rather interesting in the fact that it is a fender activated foot press brake. While it is nice to be able to control that on your own, to me who is not the best at balance, it could cause issues when you are on the scooter as you have to use your foot to push back on the fender to get it to slow down. So for me, I would recommend only using the push brake at slower speeds.

With the Glion it does have the added feature of having a front fork suspension. The suspension is meant to keep the scooter ride nice and comfortable. Now, this does not always guarantee that you re will have the comfortable ride, but for the most part it does provide you with a comfortable ride for the most part of your trip.

The motor is one that is very basic as it is a gearless hub motor. That makes it easier to power, but at the same time the basic motor means you will not set any scooter speed records. However, at the same time the basic motor means you do not need  large and bulky battery. Instead, this battery is the 7.8 ah lithium-ion battery. This makes it easier for you to find an affordable replacement battery and not have to panic when the battery starts to die or needs to be replaced with a replacement you bought to extend out the time you can use the scooter for.

Now, a drawback with the electric scooter by Glion is the fact that the brakes can be touchy. When I was researching this scooter I found that a lot of people complained about the brakes having issues of going out without warning. This could definitely be an issue as it means you cannot stop! So please remember this when you go to use the Glion scooter as it will present you with problems stopping and a lot of people mentioned it cannot stop and if you lose battery power you lose the bulk of your braking ability.

Pick Your Electric Scooter

An electric scooter varies greatly in price. However, the scooters are definitely a great addition to your vehicle choices. I have features the 5 best electric scooters in my opinion. I know some of you will disagree, which is fine, but this is my opinion. Now, when it comes to picking the scooter that will work best for you, I would recommend looking at the battery life and the comfort of the handles. The longer the battery life the more you can use the scooter versus having to push it or walk with it. No matter what you need to find an electric scooter that works best for your needs and comfort. Then you know you found the right electric scooter to use.