Which Is Better Comparing The Lifetime 1221 Or Spalding 66291 Portable Basketball Systems

Buying portable basketball systems for your kids is a great thing to do, it will not only get them outside to play a game but also will teach them how to play at the same time. However, what you need to realize is with all the different systems on the market it can be nearly impossible to find the right one for your kids This is when you should know more about what we have already rated as the top two of the best basketball system to use. Now, we are going to do a direct comparison of these two systems which will make it easier for you to know if you are going to get a good system or one that could easily lead to your kids being disappointed in what you have bought for them. In this instance, we are going to start off with Comparing The Lifetime 1221 To Spalding 66291 Portable Basketball Systems. This way you will have a great system that will make it easier for you to have a great product your kids are sure to use and not have one that sits behind the garage just gathering some rust.

Features Of The Lifetime 1221

  • Has a 44-inch backboard that is going to be nearly unbreakable and this will make it easier for you to have a great basketball system that will last for years.
  • The pole is going to have a telescoping mechanism that you are going to be able to adjust the height from seven foot five inches to ten feet. The best part is this is a system that will adjust in six-inch increments.
  • The base is 27 gallons in size and it has the ability to be filled with the sand or the water, depending on what you want to have it filled with to keep it stationary for the work that your kids are going to do.

Features Of The Spalding 66291 System

  • The board for this system is going to be a little bit bigger than the Lifetime system that we mentioned above. The board is actually going to come in at around the fifty-four-inch range. So this will make it easier for your kids to have a good product that gives them a bigger target to hit.
  • The rim on this system is a breakaway style, which will make it easier if you have kids that are trying to dunk all the time. Then you do not have to be worried about your kids breaking the backboard when they are trying to dunk the ball.
  • With this product, you will notice the base is a little bit larger, which can provide quite a bit more in the way of safety. However, it will require more to fill it as it is going to take 34 gallons to get it completely filled up.

How The Portable Basketball Systems Are Alike

These are both systems that have quite a bit of similarity between them. They are both going to adjust up to the height and the measurements are going to go up by six-inch increments. What is even better is they are both going to start at the seven foot six mark.So this will make it easier for you to have a good product and know that your kids, who could just be learning about the game will have a chance to learn how to play and improve on their shot.

An all-weather net is something else that you are going to find between these two systems as well. While you may not have thought about this before, but you need to realize the basketball systems will make it easier for you to get the play all year long if weather permits. Nothing is worse than not having a net, but these all-weather nets are going to be able to withstand the weather that will generally affect most of the nation. The best part is these can even resist the sunlight beating down on them all the time to a certain point.

Finally, these both have a larger base that will provide quite a bit of security from these tipping over on people. This will make it quite a bit nicer for the kids to play, but also for the adults because they will not have to worry about the kids being hurt when they are outside playing on the system they bought for the kids to play ball with.

How Are These Basketball Systems Different

With these, you will find they do have a couple of differences you will find notable. The first of the differences you will notice is the backboard size. The Spalding hoop will have a larger backboard, but it is made from an acrylic type of materials. However, the Lifetime system will have a slightly smaller backboard that will make it a little bit harder to shoot and learn on, but the system does have a shatterproof board.

Size of the base is something else you will find interesting. The Spalding has a slightly larger base, which can provide quite a bit more stability than what you imagined. However, what you will find is this also makes it harder to move around. The Lifetime is using a slightly smaller base, but it is still going to have the same level of stability you would like to see in the system.

How Should You Decide?

Well, when you are looking at these systems you will notice it is going to be very difficult to pick out which one will work best for your needs. This is when you need to know about the system that will work best for you. If you have a smaller space then the Lifetime may work for you. However, if you have a larger space and want your kids to be encouraged with the shooting then you may select the larger system of the Spalding. With the boards, you will like the shatterproof rating of the Lifetime, but the Spalding will have more of a lifelike look to it. No matter what we hope that our article comparing the Lifetime 1221 to Spalding 66921 will help you make up your mind one which portable basketball systems is the best.