Hoop – Little Tikes Pro Toy Basketball Hoop

Are you looking for a great system and are unsure which one you should be getting for your toddler? Well, you can rest easier because I have decided to cover another adjustable basketball hoop that was made for the younger kids, instead of the older kids who may have some doubts about playing with the smaller system or the younger kids who cannot even get the ball anywhere close to the top of the rim. Now, I can tell you that I am a parent as well and have my own toddler, which is what really made me think about this type of product since my young one is always active and running around. In this article, we are going to do our of the Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Toy Basketball Hoop which is one of the basketball hoops we considered while for our toddler.

Features Of The Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Toy Basketball Hoop

  • This is a product that will be able to adjust the height from a low of 4-foot all the way up to a 6-foot rim. So this will definitely make it easier for your toddler to play basketball and know they are going to have a good chance to play the game without getting as frustrated as they would if they were playing with a bigger hoop.
  • The basketball hoop is going to be interesting in the fact that you can use this both indoors and outdoors. While you may not like this idea you will notice that if you are able to get the kids to play it will make it easier for them to have a good time playing, but also get used to playing without the video games that have become so common lately. So the fact you can have this inside for your kids if the weather is not the nicest or outside is a great option to use.
  • When your kids are using this you will notice the base has to be weighted down. The best part is the weight can come from sand or water, but if you are filling up the base itself you will notice that it is going to be easy for you to get the base filled up and know it is going to last you for a longer period of time, but also going to keep your kids safe from being hurt by the hoop falling over on them.
  • With this set, it is going to come with the adjustable basketball hoop that your kids can play with, but also going to have the chance for the kids to play some great games as well because it is going to have the ball and the net as well. This means your toddler will not have to wait for you to find the ball that is going to go along with the set, but also not going to have to worry about the kids not getting the chance to hear the swoosh of the net.

What I Like About This Set

Now, this is where it gets interesting because I get to share what I find interesting. The first thing that I really enjoy with this hoop is the fact it has the indoor or outdoor option. What else is great is depending on how your outside is set up you may even have a chance to get this moved back inside after you have had it outside. Now it is important to note that if you have this weighted down it may be difficult to move back and forth, but it is an option if you are trying to get this moved around to get your kids to play some more basketball.

Something else that I enjoy is the fact the height can be adjusted for the basketball hoop. I never really thought about this before, but with these hoops, you want to make sure the height can be adjusted or you could easily have your toddler starting to get discouraged because they can never make it in the hoop. At the same time, you want to make sure the kids are able to get the height higher as they are starting to get bigger or the exact opposite problem could start to be showing up as well and this creates another issue.

Finally, I love the fact this is a hoop system that comes with the ball. Yes, I know the larger systems do not come with the ball, but the basketballs for those are readily available at almost any of the stores you shop at that is a general merchandise store. However, I have always had trouble finding the replacement balls for these at the stores and they have a tendency to be the wrong size once I do find them and this often means I have a very upset toddler who is trying to find the ball that will work or even worse starts to use this hard bouncy ball that has no give like these balls.

What I Did Not Care For With The Adjustable Basketball Hoop

The one aspect that I did not really care for with this basketball hoop is the breakaway rim. I know this is a great feature for some, but for me when my toddler dunks, or tries to, and does not let go right away I do not want them falling. That is what this rim can do to the toddlers if they are not expecting the rim to give. So this is one feature that I do not really care for because it can definitely be a hazard for the kids when they are not expecting the rim to give way on them.

Our Final Thoughts On The Little Tikes Adjust And Jam Pro Toy Basketball Hoop

Finding the best adjustable basketball hoop can be a challenge. However, this is exactly what you will want to have a toddler basketball system. This is when you should know about some of the models that are on the market, but this can be daunting since you literally have more systems on the market catering to this market than you can imagine. In this instance, we have completed our review of the Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Toy Basketball Hoop so you can get a feel for another one of the hoops for younger kids.