To As A Family With These Hotels

Niagara Falls is often seen as a place that honeymooners are going to venture to. However, sometimes you will get married later in life or already have kids from a previous relationship. When this is the case, you should know Niagara Falls is a family friendly destination and one that you are going to love going to, but only if you have the best place to stay in. This is when you should know about some of the family friendly hotels in Niagara Falls for you to visit and enjoy seeing. Now it is important to note that we are talking about the American side of the border here, as the Canadian side has hotels as well and we will attempt to cover that in a future article.

How Did We Narrow Down Our List

Narrowing down this list was actually quite fun. We were researching places that we would want to stay and decided to look at the hotels from the perspective of what everyone would want to stay in. Since that was the case we started to figure out what we would want to have in a family hotel, but also started to look at aspects that we would want. With that in mind we read , looked at the amenities, and even researched the location of the hotel. Doing all of this helped narrow down the search list for our own hotel and definitely helped you know what hotels are the best for a family vacation to Niagara Falls on the New York side.

1. The Red Coach Inn

The Red Coach Inn Niagara FallsThis is a hotel that has been around for years, but what is even better is the fact this is a hotel that is smaller than most of the major chain hotels. The hotel is going to allow you to have a great choice with a free breakfast. With this hotel, it is claimed to be haunted, which will make it a very interesting story for you to have information for your kids. So this will really help you in getting the kids to behave because you could easily lead to you getting the kids being told about the story. Closeness to the falls is a major draw of this hotel, but you need to realize it is far enough away that it is going to provide you with the quiet you need to have.

2. The Giacomcomo

The Giacomo

The Giacomo is a hotel that is on the U.S. side of the border as well. The hotel will help you be close to the falls as it is going to help you in getting the region with a quick walk. This is going to help you in getting the walk rather quickly, even in the middle of winter. The decor in the hotel is dated back to the 1920’s range and this is going to help you in getting the best trip. Depending on when you come to Niagara Falls you may find the lobby fireplace to be a great place for you to gather around as a family to reflect on the trip you have taken and the fun times you are going to have.


3. Sheraton At The Falls

Sheraton at the Falls The Sheraton is like most of the places that are a chain hotel. They have some very specific features that you would want to have. However, since this is a chain hotel you will find that it is going to be very difficult to have some of the same experiences you would find at the hotels that we have mentioned in the number 1 and 2 spots. The good news is this is a hotel that you will like because it does give you a chance to get the unique experiences you want to have. With this being a chain hotel, though, you will find they are going to have a couple of spas for you to enjoy and an indoor pool.

4. Hampton Inn Niagara Falls

Hampton Inn Niagara FallsWith the Hampton Inn they have a great place at Niagara Falls to enjoy. However, you will notice this is another chain hotel that is in the region. That is a good thing because it means they have a Hampton promise to live up to and you can use your rewards points here to help you out. Not to mention Hampton Inn has been well reviewed by a lot of travelers as having a very comfortable bed. The other aspect that will make this a great trip is the fact the Hampton offers a fitness center an indoor pool for the entire family to enjoy.

5. AAshram Hotel

AAshram HotelAAshram is a location you are going to fall in love with. The location is smaller than what you would expect, but it is definitely a place you will like to have. This is a place that has a great coffee location you are going to enjoy and want to have available for you to drink from. With the location it also offers a great fitness center for you to use. It is important to remember the fitness center will help you burn off some energy to make sure they are going to go to sleep as well.

Decide The Best Niagara Falls Family Hotel

When you are looking at the best family hotels it is going to be difficult for you to narrow down the hotel that you should be staying in at night. By knowing about the things to look for in the best Niagara Falls family hotel and what we have considered to be the five best family hotels, it is rather easy for you to see which of the hotels you should be staying at. Either way this is our five best family friendly hotels in Niagara Falls.