Hoover is a brand that a lot of people will recognize as being a great vacuum, but they need to realize Hoover also makes some good as well. At News To Review we have ranked the five best carpet cleaners for home use already and we are doing individual of each product. The Carpet Basics Cleaner was not our top ranked carpet cleaner, but came in at 4th in our list.

What We Like With The

Weight is an issue with most of the carpet cleaners that we have talked about. Hoover has taken and addressed this situation by taking and making a light weight carpet cleaner here. Now this does not mean the cleaning the is going clean, but it does mean you do not have to be a weight lifter to use the carpet cleaner.

Cleaning with the Hoover is actually a lot easier with the SpinScrub technology. The carpet cleaner has this technology that is going to provide you with a 360 degree carpet cleaning around each of the fibers.

The wash and rinse cycle is another great feature we love in this carpet cleaner. Think about it with most carpet cleaners you just put down the soap and soak it up. When we wash ourselves, we take and soap ourselves, but also rinse. So it makes sense to do this to the carpet as well and that is exactly what you can do with the Hoover carpet cleaner here.

What We Did Not Like

The main thing that we did not like was the spinning brush technology that can easily get gummed up. Yes, we do like the fact that these clean great when they are spinning, but you have to get the carpet perfectly clean for it to work. We found this often means vacuuming up the floor and if you are like most of us you clean the carpet when a stain is found or something is spilled. So vacuuming up the floor is not always possible before using the cleaner.

Our Final Thoughts 

Hoover is a vacuum that is well known for being affordable and of good quality and this is a machine that does not disappoint. So you will find the Hoover FH50150 to be one of the best carpet cleaners around. Since this is the case and with the price being affordable compared to some of the other models we have compared, you will want to make sure you look at this carpet cleaner today. Check it out by clicking on the link below.

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