Discover The Best For Walking

Buying a treadmill can be exciting, but it can also be expensive as a lot of can cost almost a grand and some of them cost over a grand. With that being the case it can be very difficult to find the best treadmill on the market at a reasonable price. To help alleviate this issue for everyone we have decided to find the five best for walking and present our entire list here for everyone to know which treadmill is the best one.

How We Narrowed Down The List

Research is definitely a key thing that we did, but we also started to look at all the different aspects of the treadmills from ease of use, storage, and even how the treadmill holds up. All of these factors helped us narrow down the list that we worked on. This in turn will make it easier for everyone to read the reviews and know that we are shoppers as well and took into account all the factors we consider to guarantee you get the right treadmill.

The Contenders 

LifeSpan Fitness TR1200 Treadmill Desk

Life can be hectic and that can make it hard to for you to get exercising squeezed in at times. A lot of times the exercises that you are going to do are not easy for you to do. This is when you should know LifeSpan has taken this into account with the treadmill desk they have here. With that the case, here are a couple of advantages that we enjoyed with this treadmill.

The desk is one aspect that we really like with this treadmill. That is the fact the treadmill has a desk attached to the front of it. So this will allow you to continue to work while you are walking. Then you will be able to get your work done, but also complete some of your exercises at the same time.

With this treadmill, it will make it easier for you to connect your wireless devices as well. This way you are able to track your activity and walking distance. Then you will not have to be concerned about not having a chance to keep track of your distance traveled or losing some of your other tracking because this treadmill will sync with the apps that are available.

Body Solid T50 Endurance

Body Solid is a company that we have not really head much about before. However, in our research we found this to be a solid brand and one that is very durable. So this will make it quite a bit easier for you to get the workout that you want to have and not be concerned about the equipment not working right for your needs of working out.

Covers all the basics you need for working out. While you may have never thought about this before, you need to realize that with a walking treadmill the basics may be what you need to have. So this is definitely something that you should consider because it is a machine that will cover all the basics that you need and make it easier for you to walk on.

Disability friendly is another thing that you will enjoy with this treadmill. A lot of the reviewers are reporting that the wider platform, and even what looks like a wheelchair ramp at the back make it easy for everyone to use. So this helps you out in getting the exercise that you need to have, no matter your physical condition.

NordicTrack T6.5S Treadmill

NordicTrack is a brand that a lot of people are going to recognize. However, what they may not realize is the brand is not always the best in the market and NordicTrack ranks 3rd in our list. This really is a testament to the strength of the brand though that they are still in the list. Not to mention with this strong of a brand it is going to make it easier for you to know the brand is going to stand behind its reputation.

Predesigned workouts is going to be one of the main features you are going to enjoy. Normally when you try to workout it is going to be very difficult to know if you are doing a good job or not. However, with this option you will be able to workout at a level that you want to and know that you will be able to get in shape easier.

Working out with music is something that a lot of people want to do. However, they tend to find that it can be very difficult at times to workout properly if they have to use the gym music. With this NordicTrack it allows you to to plug in your ipod or other MP3 music device. This way you can have your own workout music that will make it easier for you to workout like you want to.

4. ProGear Ultimate Capacity Electric Treadmill

The ProGear treadmill is one that a lot of people have never heard about before. However, this is a treadmill that provides you with all the basics you are going to need, but it will also be a very affordable and that definitely will help you in keeping your New Years Resolution.

When you are using this treadmill you will enjoy the fact that it will make it easier for you to measure your heart rate. This makes it easier for you to get the target heart rate and make it easier for you to get the heart rate that you need to get your workout completed, but also know that you are going to end up getting the heart rate and hold it without losing site of your target.

With the extra wide belt you do not have to be concerned about not being able to walk on the treadmill and not worry about tripping on your own feet. This in turn will make it easier for you to get the workout that you want, even if you are not able to walk easily because of a lower body injury that leaves you needing some of the extra space.

5. Endurance T50 Walking Treadmill

Endurance is a treadmill that is meant quite a bit for rehab and is a brand that a lot of people who go through any rehab may have seen before. However, this is a great thing because it makes it easier for you to know for certain that you are going to get a good treadmill that is definitely going to help you get in shape and help keep on going.

Has full length thick handles that are going to keep you balanced and working out right all the time. This can give everyone who is using this treadmill to have the security they want to have when they are walking on the treadmill.

The speed of this treadmill is going to go up to five miles per hour. However, it does use the one mile per hour increase. All of this will make it easier for you to get the work done faster than what people think and allows them to get the workout done and know they will feel good about it.


Trying to find the best treadmill is difficult at times because the selection is so varied. With that being the case you should learn about the speed and stability of the treadmill first. Then you would want to consider the durability of the treadmill. By considering these factors it will be quite a bit easier for you to get the right treadmill and know it is going to help you in getting the best treadmill to help you in getting in shape like you want to be.

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