Discover The GreenWorks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower

Well, Spring is almost here and I have to say that I am not looking forward to having to get the lawnmower out of the garage again and servicing the motor and getting it ready. However, I do have to say that it is something that I do because I do not want to have a jungle growing up in my front yard and this is definitely avoidable if I am using a lawnmower. The problem is when I am mowing my lawn I have to use a gas-powered mower for most of my yard. With the smaller points, though, I am going to want to use something that is much more manageable and easier to use and that can be something that can be electric. That is why I decided to do another of the corded lawn mowers. This time it is the GreenWorks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower that we are going to cover in a full here to let you know if this is going to be the mower you will want to use in your yard or not.

Features Of The GreenWorks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower

  • The motor of this lawn mower is going to come in at a 12-amp motor. This is a really strong motor and it is going to be able to cut through almost all of the grass that you are going to need to have to get the grass that is tougher, like the crabgrass. However, what you need to realize is this larger motor does have a tendency to take up more of the battery life in a shorter time period if you are using the battery powered model.
  • Compared to a lot of the other mowers that we have covered in the past this is one that is going to have a steel deck. This is an important feature for you to have because if you are going to want to have some strong protection to keep yourself safe from debris flying up through the deck and hitting you.
  • This is a mower that will have the powerful 3-n-1 feature that you are going to love. That is the fact that this is going to allow you to have a mulching feature, bagging, or you can even have a side discharge. These features will definitely make it easier for you to enjoy the cutting because you have several options to use when you are mowing the grass and will not have to really be concerned about the mower not giving you the type of cutting that you want to have to get the grass cut up and cleaned up properly.
  • When you look at the height of your grass you know it is important to get a clean cut, but also have it cut to the point you want to have it looking height wise. With this mower, you will enjoy the fact that it allows you to adjust the cutting height to seven different levels. The lowest level is going to drop the cutting deck down1.5 inches and the highest level the mower can be adjusted to when it is cutting is 3.75 inches.
  • Looking at the picture of the mower you will notice the wheels are at different heights. These heights are meant to make it easier for the mower to get the grass cut properly and not get overwhelmed when you are . What is really nice is the rear wheels are coming in at the ten-inch mark and the front is going to come in at seven inches.
  • Deck width is something else you should be worried about because it is no good getting a mower that will not fit through your gates or around the walking paths. This mower is going to come in with a 20-inch deck and in most cases, this will be large enough to get the job done quickly but also allow you to have a small enough deck to fit in the gate.

Pros Of This Electric Lawn Mower

The steel deck is a major plus for this mower when it is compared to some of the mowers we have seen in these . The steel deck will provide you the protection you want to have from the mowing, but also makes it easier for you to have a mower that will be sturdier and more stable than what you are used to facing when you are mowing the grass.

The larger motor is going to make it easier for you to get through all the grass. I know that more power is what I have to use for some of the grass that is in the larger yard and that is where the gas motor comes in, but when it comes to up by the house I tend to not have as much in the way of crabgrass so this motor is definitely strong enough to take care of the grass.

Finally, I do enjoy the fact this is a mower that will allow me to have the option on if I want to have the grass blown out through the side discharge, put in with the mulching feature that you can use, or if I want to have it using the discharge bag which allows me to take the grass clipping and move it to where I want to have them moved to.

Cons Of The Mower For

The extension cord is easily one of the biggest cons that I have found with this mower. I know this is not something that you will commonly complain about, but for me having to drag the cord around behind the mower is a major pain. It is difficult to do, comes unplugged, and if you are not paying attention it is possible to run it over just like when you are trimming your bush it is possible to cut the cord there.

The type of extension cord you need is something else that is a major problem. When you look at the extension cords you will find that you need to use at 16-gauge or a 14-gauge extension cord to help you in getting the cutting done. The problem is the longer you need the higher gauge cord you are going to need to prevent the motor from being damaged.

My Final Thoughts On The GreenWorks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower

Buying an electric lawn mower is going to be a great way to mow the lawn and not have a horrible lawn around your home. This is when you should learn more about the mowers that you have available to buy. In this case, we reviewed the GreenWorks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower. This is a mower that we are going to have to say we recommend if you have a small lawn. If you have a larger lawn, though, I would recommend looking for something else.