The Hoover Windtunnel Bagless Upright is a that made our best five vacuums for pet hair. However, that was a quick overlook of . Here we will cover the Hoover Windtunnel a little bit more in depth and share what we like and dislike. Without any further ado, here is why the Hoover Windtunnel UH70210 made our best five list.

What We Like About The Hoover Windtunnel

Switching to hard floors from the carpet used to be difficult with a lot of vacuums. However, the Hoover has a tendency to make the transition easy. The Hoover Windtunnel has a pedal that all is needed is it to be pushed and it will turn off the brush roll making it easier to switch between the floors.

The fold down handle on this also makes it attractive. The folding down handle makes it easier to store this . So it will be easy to put in the closet and keep the clothes hangers ample room to be functional as well.

With most vacuums a common complaint is a short cord or it being very difficult to wind up. With the Hoover Windtunnel, the vacuum has a retractable cord that makes it extremely easy to get the cord wound back up.

What We Did Not Like About The Hoover Windtunnel

Just like a common problem we have found with some of the other vacuums that are similar to the Windtunnel, is a clogging issue. This usually happens in the flexible tube that is running inside of the vacuum before reaching the hard plastic. Once this clogs it takes some know how, but it just means taking it apart a little bit to clean out the tubes on the vacuum.

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Our Final Take

The Hoover Windtunnel did make our five best list of . However, it was not the top rated vacuum in our list. With that being the case the price on the Hoover is affordable for most people looking for a new vacuum. So if you are on a budget, make sure you check out the Hoover Windtunnel Bagless Upright UH 70210 for affordability for a decent vacuum for pet hair.

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