Keystone KSTAD50B Portable Dehumidifier

Keystone KSTAD50B

Keystone KSTAD50B Portable DehumidifierFinding the perfect can be a challenge, but it is a challenge you will need to overcome if you want to remove the humidity from your and know that you are doing all you can to prevent mold or mildew growth in the . A simple search on the Internet, though, has a tendency to reveal a ton of different options for you to pick from and it is nearly impossible for you to narrow down the search at times. We have already ranked the 5 best portable dehumidifiers and now out of our list of five we are doing the individual reviews. In this case, we are going to talk about the Keystone KSTAD50B Portable Dehumidifier review and let you know what we think about this dehumidifier in our in depth review. Then you will have more information about this dehumidifier than what you ever imagined and know if it will be what you need to have for it to work for your needs or not.


Features Of The Keystone KSTAD50B

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How Much Moisture Will This Remove From The Rooms

This is a unit that is rated to remove 50 pints of water in 24 hours. This is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to find the moisture is being removed from the room and it will keep the room completely dry, for the most part. Without this, you could have some mold or mildew potential growth in the rooms because of the way the unit is removing the water.

What Kind Of Settings Does This Have

When you look at this you will notice that it does have three different settings. The settings are going to be normal, turbo, and auto defrost. All of these will have their own positives and drawbacks, but I can tell you when you start to get the unit set on the higher settings it does have a tendency to become rather loud.

Does This Have A Constant Drain Option

Well, this does have a constant drain option if you have a garden hose that you can connect to the unit. This will make it quite a bit easier for you to get the unit set up and have it working because you are going to get the hose ran to the outside or a drain and know the system is going to work perfectly for you all the time.

What Do I Like About This Unit

I like the fact this is a unit that does have the option to have a constant flow. This is going to be a great feature because it means you can finally have this running all the time and not have to worry about the summer heat really soaking up the house and making it to the point that you are unable to do anything because the house is so humid, even with the air conditioner running.

Something else that I like is how easy this unit is to move around the . While I never thought about this at first, this is a unit that does have 4 wheels on the bottom of it. These wheels make it easier for you to move around the house and not have to worry about it getting hung up on everything that you are going to have to move around when you are getting the unit shifted.

What Do I Dislike With The Dehumidifier

The unit can be noisy. I know a lot of people have this unit and love it, but I have a television that is not as loud as what it used to be, I mean after all it is first generation HDTV, so that should tell you how old it is! With that being the case, though, it does have some speaker issues that are a little bit on the weaker side. So you will need to remember this as this unit to me and others who have reported it can be loud.

My Final Thoughts On The Dehumidifier

I have to say this is a dehumidifier with drain hose option and it is definitely one that you will like as you will have several different options to enjoy. The one drawback that you will find is the Keystone KSTAD50B drain hose option can be difficult to use at times. Overall, the Keystone KSTAD50B Portable Dehumidifier is a great dehumidifier to use if you do not mind it being a little bit noisy compared to some of the other models we have reviewed.

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