hOmeLabs 70-Pint Dehumidifier

Finding a great portable dehumidifier can be a great way keep the moisture and humidity out of the . However, a lot of people are going to find the selection of dehmuidifiers are going to be quite numerous. Since this is the case, we have already ranked what we feel are the five best portable dehumidifiers for you to buy. What else we have decided to do is go out and completely review each one of the individual products that we are recommending. For this part of the series are going to cover the here to make it easier for you to have a complete review of this product and it will make it easier for you to make an educated choice on the model you are going to need to buy.

Features Of The hOmeLabs 70-Pint Dehumidifier

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How Long Will This Run Before Needing To Be Emptied

The answer to this question is really going to depend on what you are looking for. With a lot of these you will find that if they do have a larger capacity it is easier to forget about them or even worse not empty them at the time they are requiring them to be emptied. The unit here is going to last you about 24 hours before it will need to be emptied. However, if you are like me you will like the fact this is a dehumidifier that is going to allow you to have a hose secured to the back of the dehumidifier and allow for constant draining.

Can I Use This In A Small Space

Sadly, this is one portable dehumidifier that is not really meant for small spaces. I know that I really like the smaller units for the fact that I can easily move them around the and they work in a smaller space. However, this is one unit that is going to require a larger space than what you were expecting and this means you will either have to cope with it putting off more heat than what you think in the smaller space, but may have to consider using this in an area that would allow for proper airflow, but not be around the area that would be making it so hot you could not stand it.

Who Would Really Like This Portable Dehumidifier

This is a unit that people who have larger rooms or an office would really like. That is because this is a unit that is going to be well suited for this type of location. However, if you do not have a large enough space you would not like this because it is not going to really work at removing the humidity for you at a level that would keep you at the balanced level you would like to have.

What Do I Like With This Dehumidifier

I really like the fact that this has a large 9-gallon capacity. While you may not think about the house or office having that much water vapor inside of it, it really does have that much and that is really scary. So just having a chance to remove this moisture from the buidling definitely helps in keeping the chance of mold and mildew from growing all the time.

While I never thought about the bacteria in the causing some major issues, I have to admit I am happy that these are going to remove the bacteria as well. This is going to make it easier for me to breathe in the house, but also helps to keep the house free from the bacteria. So I am going to really love the fact that this is going to make my healthier than what I ever expected it to be.

Something else that is really nice about this unit is the auto shutoff feature. With this feature activated, I do not have to worry about the unit overflowing on me during the day or at night. However, I do have to go out and remember to turn it off so I can empty it out and then turn it back on. What is really nice, though, is the fact that it does make it easier for me to get all the moisture removed without the container filling up by having a hose connection to the back of the dehumidifier that will remove the moisture.

What Do I Dislike With This Dehumidifier

I did find one thing that I did not care for with this unit and that is the fact that it is going to take a large space for it to work. I know the unit is meant for the larger rooms, but for me I find it to be a little on the over size option since it wants to have 4,000 square foot which will work on some homes. However, for me this seems to be a little bit on the large side with regards to rooms and homes and definitely since the design is more modern compared to some of the other models that you can use in your home.

My Final Thoughts On The hOmeLabs 70-Pint Portable Dehumidifier

This is one dehumidifier that is portable, but I will admit it is going to require a larger home to remove the humidity from or you could have some issues in smaller properties as they are not going to provide enough space. When I was reading about this portable dehumidifier it was mentioned that it is ideally suited for a space that is over 2,500 square feet. So if you have a large enough room or home then this would be a great option for you. However, since I know most people do not have a house that large, let alone a single room the hOmeLabs 70-pint portable dehumidifier may not be for you and you may want to consider one of the other options we have talked about.