Discover Our Top Rated Artificial Christmas Tree

Finding the best trees for decorations is a challenge, but if you are looking for a great tree you will find that you need to make sure you look at all that you can to locate the best tree. The problem is if you go to any of the stores that are near you and, sad to say, it is before Thanksgiving anymore you will notice they are going to have several different brands of artificial for you to pick from. Then you will start to ask yourself, these are all coming from the same company, at least at the store I looked at, but these are not the only brands and I know for a fact you will find other brands. In this article, we are going to be taking our look at the National Tree 6.5 Foot Feel Real Douglas Fir in a that will help you determine if this is a good tree or if you should be looking for a different tree.

Features Of The National Tree 6.5 Foot Feel Real Douglas Fir

  • This is a tree that we like because it is going to have several different height options available. This will make it easier for you to find the best one available. In this , we are going to cover the 6.5-foot tall tree only. However, the height options that are available will go from 4.5-foot to 12-foot. So this will make it easier for you to find one that is going to be at the height that you want to have.
  • With the 6.5-foot tree, you will notice that it is going to have a diameter at the base that will be a little bit over the 4-foot mark. So this will make it easier for you to have a tree that is fairly tall but also going to have a wider bottom that will make it easier for you to have the full looking tree you may have grown up with and started to get away from for one reason or another.
  • While you may or may not like the pre-lit trees, I have found they are not that bad, this is a tree that is going to come in at just around the 650 light mark. What I have found a problem with these trees that are already coming with lights is they are not spaced out as much as I like them.However, the lighting on the tree is a nice feature and definitely something that will make it easier for you to have a great looking tree right away.
  • When you look at the branch tips for a lot of the artificial they do not have a great feel to them. That is because the trees for decorations are not really meant to be used as a Holiday tree.and do not have a good feel to the branches of the trees. So you will find this tree has what they consider to be a real-feel for the tree tips and this makes the branch tips feel like they are a live tree like you would want to have inside of your home.

What I Like About The National Tree 6.5 Foot Feel Real Douglas Fir

Now, what I like about this tree is the fact that it has the hinged branch construction. This type of construction is common with a light of the trees that have lights on them. The hinging does make it easier for you to get the tree put up at the end of the holidays. However, this does pose a challenge as well because you will find the hinges can easily pinch the wires of the tree when you are trying to get the trees set up for the season. The good news is if you are able to work quickly and keep the wires out of the hinges the tree has a tendency to go up quite a bit faster than what you would normally have.

As we mentioned in the features of the tree, it has a wider base. This is going to make it nice because you will be able to get the larger tree that you may have grown up with, but also know the tree will look like it is a real tree. You may not think about this, but when you look at some of the artificial that are in the store, you will see they are very narrow and almost like a pole. However, if you walk out in the woods you will find that not many trees have this type of look to them. So the fuller bottom and base of the tree will make it look like it is a real tree and make you feel good about the tree you have.

The National Tree Company has another feature that I really love as well. That is the fact this Douglas Fir is going to look like a real tree in another aspect as well. The aspect is the fact the tree is going to have a fullness to it. This is going to make it look fuller than what it really is. However, at the same time, it will help to conceal the fact it is a fake tree and has a pole that is running up the middle of the tree.

What I Did Not Care For

Okay, now I am not a big fan of the pre-lit trees and it is easy to see why because the lights are simply a pain. However, that is the one item that I am not a big fan of here because it often means the Christmas trees will need to get new lights for them, but at the same time if you have any lights that do not work you could be in trouble because you would have to get the tree some new lights and have to figure out how to take the older strand off and hope it will not ruin the ornaments you have on the tree.

My Final Thoughts On The National Tree 6.5 Foot Feel Real Douglas Fir

When I am looking for a Christmas tree I have to say I really like to find the best tree possible. Even if it has to mean that I have to join part of what is now the majority of the population, except in Poland where 20% of the people use an artificial tree. Overall, the National Tree 6.5 Foot Feel Real Douglas Fir is one that I really like and have to say I really think looks great.