Why Choose Opps 100 Piece Glow In Dark Pebbles

While you may think that Halloween is a beautiful time of the year and definitely a time that you are going to have some of the darker decorations you may have some issues with the pebbles. This is when you should know more about why you need to choose the Opps 100 Piece Glow in the Dark Pebbles. By knowing about this it is going to be easier for you to have a great product that you can put out at night and know it will not look dark like some of the other decorations they used to have.

What I Like About The 100 Piece Glow In Dark Pebbles

The pebbles are going to be used in the garden or the pathway. This makes these very versatile compared to some of the other decorations that we have seen in the past. With that being the case, it is going to be easier to justify buying several of these bags to guarantee they are going to look great and provide you with more than a single purpose.

With these pebbles, they have gained a reputation at times that is going to be negative. However, this reputation is not earned for the Opps pebbles as they are non-toxic and are going to be used anywhere you are going to want to put them and this will make it easier for you to have a great light that you can use in the garden or pathway.

Normally when you look at these pebbles that have been used in the past, you will notice they are going to have some trouble in charging up or coming back each time. That is because of how the light is going to be emitted because it is charged by the sun and it is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to have a great decoration that you do not have to do anything with once it has been charged up.

What We Did Not Like About The Opps 100 Piece

The one thing that we did not really like with this item is the fact these are pebbles. Well, you know what it means with pebbles. They are not going to be something that is going to take and fill up a large space, but at the same time, it is going to have a chance to fill up a smaller space. So we definitely do not like the fact that it is going to take so many of these to fill up a larger space. The size is a major drawback to these pebbles because they are going to be hard to fill up a large space.

The other aspect we do not really care much about here is the fact that if the sun is not out, then these are not going to charge. This means they will not be as bright at night and this can easily lead to you not having the same level of look that you would want to have when you are using these. So cloudy days could be an issue with the pebbles as well.

Our Final Thoughts

These pebbles are an item that is going to work great if you are trying to get light in a small space. However, we have found these pebbles may not provide enough light for you at times if you are going to cover a larger space. So you need to be aware of this because I know some people want to use these to cover a larger area and then have to get several of the bags to cover this space. Overall, this is a great item and it definitely works as intended.