Table Top Sitter Turkey

Turkey photoDecorating for Thanksgiving may not be something you ever thought about doing before. However, one thing that you need to realize is this is a great holiday for you to decorate for and it is definitely a holiday you will want to decorate for as well. This is when you may go to the store and notice they have some decorations, but not really what you are looking for. Thankfully you have the Internet and a website like ours that is going to help you find one of, what I feel, is the best you can have inside of your and that is the Table Top Sitting Turkey Thanksgiving Decoration.

What I Like About The Table Top Sitter Turkey Decorations

I really loved the shape of the turkey decorations. Normally when I have seen some of the decorations they do not look anything like a turkey that I have seen. This usually means they are going to look out of place or you have people asking you why you have a chicken up on the decoration, instead of a turkey for Thanksgiving. However, as you can tell in the picture this is a decoration that does seem to hold a realistic type of approach to the way a turkey is supposed to look.

What else is nice is the colors for these turkeys have a fall look to them. With this fall look, it is going to make the table look a little bit more regal, but also prepared for the season. Some of the turkeys that we have been offered in the stores as table topper decorations are brilliant and bright colors, but what is realistic is the browns and oranges that are common in fall. So this is another aspect that I really like with the turkeys that you are seeing here, compared to some of the others.

Finally, I really like the size of these turkeys. When you look at some of the table-topping decorations they are so large they take over the table. With these the size is right and it is going to make it easier for you to have the decorations set up and know you can still have your meals around them or have the turkey in between the two turkey decorations.

What I Did Not Like About The Table Topper Turkey

These have some glitter in them. Now, this does not happen to everyone, but in some cases, the glitter can get all over the place! When it does, if you have girls then you know it is nearly impossible to get the glitter picked up! So that is the one drawback that I have seen with this decoration compared to some of the other decorations that are on the market.

Our Final Thoughts On The Table Topper Turkey Thanksgiving Decoration

This is a decoration that is fairly realistic and actually looks like a turkey. So it is definitely one that you are going to enjoy seeing and like to look at. However, at the same time you will notice the decoration it one that does not take up a ton of space compared to some of them on the market. This makes it easier for me to have the decoration on the table while the dinner is going on, but also to have them up for a little bit longer than just Thanksgiving. Overal this is a great option that almost anyone will like, but also will not mind having for the decoration on the table come Thanksgiving.