Discover The Lighted For This Fall

Decorating for fall is a great thing to do, but it is also a difficult task to do as well because it seems that in between Halloween and Christmas it is nearly impossible to find the right decoration to use. This is why you have to be picky about what you are going to be getting for a decoration. With this being the case, one decoration that I have found to be looking great and ready for use in the house is one of the lighted fall garlands that you can use on a mantle, stairs, or all around the house. Since this is one of those items you usually would not think about, we decided it was time for us to look further into the lighted garland so you know for certain if this will work for your needs or not.

What I Liked About The Lighted  

I like the fact this is a garland that is actually lighted. This is going to make it easier to notice, but depending on how much I use it also be something that I can use as a night light in the different rooms around the house. So this is definitely something that I enjoy when I am using these lights compared to the plain garland that is going to not have any lights and just lay around collecting dust.

With the length of the garland, you will like the fact, like I did, that it is going to come in at just over 8 foot long. This is going to cover almost anything that we have to get covered, but if you have a longer or wrap around stairs it may not be long enough to go all the way to the top in a single set, so you may have to get a second set to get them set end to end to get to the top of the stairs and stretch it all the way to the bottom.

The positioning of the lights that are present in the lighted is actually pretty cool as well. Now, you may be asking yourself why we are saying this and the answer is very easy to come to and it is mainly because we like the fact the lights are on behind the leaves. This is going to make the leaves stand out in the brilliant fashion you would expect and this makes it easier for you to have a great looking decoration.

What I Did Not Like With The

Well, I hate to say it, but the one thing that I really do not like with this is the fact it is powered by batteries. If you are like me, you have a decoration and you want it to be seen all the time. However, with this, it is powered by batteries, which with a lot of the experiences I have had with these types of decorations, even a tank, the batteries get drained really quick and if you are not getting rechargeable type of [popup_product]AA batteries[/popup_product] then you may want to invest in a battery company because you will have to replace the batteries on a regular, almost daily basis.

My Final Thoughts On The Lighted Fall Garland

This is a garland that is going to look great and the quality of the leaves is going to be very realistic. This combined with the fact this is a great product that you can use for several months out of the year is going to make this a great one to have. I have to say, the only downside that I found with this garland is the fact that it takes batteries. The problem with that is the batteries go dead and this makes it nearly impossible to get the garland to be noticed or even have it lit up all the time to make it stand out from the rest of the decorations in the house.