Panasonic Link2Cell
Panasonic Link2Cell

The is one that a lot of people have inside of their home, but it is mainly to have a land line. The downside is they are not as popular and with that being the case buying a new can be a challenge. With that being said, it is now time for us to review one of our other 5 best cordless phones on the market today. In this instance we are going to do a complete Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone review.

Features Of The Link2Cell Cordless Phone

  • Can sync up to 2 smart phones to the phone system via Bluetooth connections.
  • The caller ID will provide you an alert in English or Spanish depending on what your settings are.
  • With the phone you can check multiple features of your cell phone based off of the cordless phone.

What I Like About The Cordless Phone

Can Connect To My Cell Phone

For  a long time the only phone I would use in my home was the cell phone. This is definitely an advantage, but also a disadvantage as well. The main disadvantage is the fact that the cell phone started to get really difficult to hear on and I constantly had to use the speaker. Well, the Panasonic cordless phone here connects to my cell phone. This is a great feature and means I can have my cell phone sitting in an area it gets good signal on, but have the calls routed to the cordless phone.

With the cordless phone I can answer my calls, use Siri, listen to text and quite a few other things as well. This makes it quite a bit easier for me to get the phone calls that I need to get and know that these calls are the important ones, but also know that with it connected to my cell phone, which I use to block numbers as well, they are not going to get through and bug me.

Bluetooth Range Is A Decent 330 Foot

While you may think that the Bluetooth connection is not that long it is important to note that the cordless phone here has a range that equals out to 330 feet. Now, to put that in perspective for you, most people have seen a football field in high school or on television. If you have then you know how long the field is and are aware of the distance between the end zones. Well, 330 feet would be standing at the back of one of the end zones and having your phone with BlueTooth enabled on the other goal line.

Now, that does not mean that it will always have that type of range as you may find some obstacles like walls, electrical equipment, and other items can cause issues. So the range is questionable at times, but if you do not have anything blocking your signal at all, then the chances of getting the full range will actually be up to the 330 feet.

The Phone Has A 150 Number Block System

Blocking phone numbers may not be for everyone. However, I have found that as soon as my landline was plugged back in I started getting nonstop telemarketer or robo calls. Not only was this annoying it was taking up a ton of my time to just answer the phone to hear about my car warranty. Well, I cannot tell you how annoying that was and come to find out the bulk of the calls were coming from the same number block.

With the number block system you are able to block certain numbers from getting through your phone is a blessing. With the ability to block 150 numbers it means you have reduced the number of telemarketing numbers you get called from by 150. So this makes it easier for you to block the numbers and know you will not be getting the annoying calls from the telemarketers anymore.

What I Did Not Care For With the Cordless Phone By Panasonic

Can Accidentally Press  The Assist Button

The assist button is one that will automatically connect you to your smart device. Well, one issue that you may encounter here is the fact that the assist button is fairly easy to push. Just like the old fashioned butt dial you could accidentally use the assist button to activate a feature on your cell phone that you did not want to have activated and that can definitely make it very difficult to use your phone properly.

What Others Are Saying About The Cordless Phone

While I know that our review is good, I thought I would include what other people have had to say about the Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone. That way you can start to see more information about what others actually think, rather than just relying on the information that I am giving you.

Bobbi left a review on the Walmart website that said this about the phones. “If phone company is having problems with lines you can still use them with your cell phones”. I have to admit in my area that is a great feature. That comes from the fact that I am able to connect the phones to the cell phone and still make phone calls.

SSmark24 has this to say about the phones on Best Buy’s website. “many, many advanced technical settings/options which made setup confusing”. Now, this does not mean you need to have a college degree is Astrophysics to figure out how to set up the phone, but it will take you some extra time to get it set up right. So I do have to warn you if you are looking to have that type of setup, then you may want to get another phone, but you would lose a lot of the features of this cordless phone.

My Final Thoughts On The Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone

Finding a cordless phone is not something that everyone does all the time and often depending on the model cordless phone you buy it can be the only one you have to buy for several years. Now, I have to say the Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless phone is definitely one of the best on the market. Most people have reported the phones working for years in older models. Does that mean this model will have the same lifespan? No, but it does mean that the company has a history of the phones being around for a while.

Overall, I like the features of the Panasonic cordless phone and the fact that it will connect to my cell phone is a nice touch. At the same time, though, it is more features that can go wrong over time and means I do have to learn more on how to use a phone. So while I do enjoy the added features if you are tech savvy then this is a great option, but if you are not really looking for a phone to hook up to your cell phone or do not really use a smart phone that much, then you may want to think about a different cordless phone. If you are not sure which one, check out our 5 best cordless phone list here.