Playstation Vue Streaming Service


Playstation Vue Streaming ServiceFinding a service used to be very limited at times. However, what you will find is the challenge can come from trying to find a great live streaming service and when you do find one you may find that some of the services are very limited on what you are able to get and what you can watch. That is why we have decided it was time to start a review of another one of the services that managed to land on our five best streaming services lists and in this case we are going to be talking about the service. With that being the case, let us start to do our review of this live streaming service so you know if it will work for you or if you are going to need to consider a different service.

Features Of The Playstation Vue Service

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Do I Keep My Local Channels With This Service?

I have to say this really depends on the location you are in for the service. Some of the areas you will find are going to have a lot of local channels you can use, but other areas do not have that much in the way of local channels. So you will need to check out to see what channels are available in your area before you subscribe as you could end up getting a national feed for some of the channels you are thinking about getting.

What Devices Can You Use This Service On?

When you are using the Playstation Vue streaming service you will notice they are supporting most of the devices. You can find a complete list by clicking here. However, you will want to make sure you know about the fact the major devices are supported and it will help out in getting the viewing you want to do at night.

How Reliable Is The Playstation Vue Service?

Now, I have to say that with this network you will notice that it is fairly reliable. I know that it does go down from time to time, but typically this is the entire Playstation Network when it goes down and I will tell you that it tends to get back up really quickly. The only time that I have ever seen the network down for any extended period of time is when it was attacked by the same attacks that took down Netflix, Amazon, and even Pinterest which was several years ago.

What Do I Like With This Service

I like the fact this is a service that does have a wide variety of channels available to pick from. This makes it easier for me to find a lot of channels to watch and even can make it difficult for me to find the right shows to watch because the service does have so many different options to use.

With this device, I like the fact that I am able to pick from the device I want to stream the shows on. This makes it easier for me to find the network that I can start streaming on and not have to get a new device to stream the shows on. When I saw this feature I really thought about how great this is because it really helped me out in getting the viewing done faster than what I thought.

A DVR service is going to be a great addition and when you are using the Playstation Vue service you will notice it is going to have plenty of DVR for your to use. It will also make it easier for you to watch the shows you want to see from your local channels even when you are not in the region that you usually would be staying in.

What Do I Dislike With The Service

Now, I have to say that I do not like the fact that this service is not available in all areas. A good example of this would by my own ISP address. When I first started researching this article it had the option of the service is available in my area. However, when I was checking the service again for even more research I was told the service was not available in my area. So I am fairly confused on this and do not know if it was a glitch on the site or not, but it kept returning to a default for New York City.

Who Would This Service Be Best Suited For? 

This is a service that a lot of people will enjoy because it does allow you to have access to a lot of the apps you would want to use, but it also helps you in getting the access to the service when you are traveling. So you will like the fact that you can use this when you are traveling away from your home area. This is very close to a traditional type of system as well, which will help you in getting the right view of the shows you are trying to watch.

My Final Thoughts On Playstation Vue Streaming Service

I have to say that I am partial to the traditional service of like Directv Now. However, at the same time, I have found that the service is very reliable and does have quite a bit to offer you. What else I do like is the fact that you can stream this across close to five devices at the same exact time! So that is quite a few devices you can watch at the same time and even be able to get the chance to watch multiple shows at once. Overall, I have to say this is a great service and one you will enjoy using and it does have a lot of channels on each package they offer.