Amazon Firestick

Amazon FirestickWe have been talking quite a bit about the different streaming devices that are on the market. However, what you will find is that no all of the streaming devices are created equal and that is why we decided to review some more of the devices that you can use in depth. In this instance, we are going to talk about the . Once you start to read this review you will find that it is going to be easier for you to find the best streaming device and know more about the best device that you can use and know if it will actually work for what you need it to do or if you are going to have some problems with the device. Then you will be able to feel better about the purchase you are making when you are looking at the streaming devices.

Features Of The Firestick Device

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Does The Firestick Allow For Apps

When you are getting any of the streaming devices you know you are going to need to have a need to get some apps. This often means you will have to download them to the device and with the Firestick you will love the fact that you can download apps to it and keep the apps operating properly as the Firestick does have quite a bit of memory space. So the short answer is yes, the Firestick can download apps and the Firestick I own actually handles quite a bit as the memory is around 6 GB or so.

Can You Stream Live Shows On The Firestick

The best news is you are able to stream live shows on your Amazon Firestick. Now, this typically will require a subscription to a service, but we have reviewed several different services to make it a little bit easier for you to find the right service to use. I know for me I use a couple of services to get the best coverage for the channels that I want to watch. Both of these when combined make it very easy to get the best live channels and I am able to watch them easily.

What Is Unlocking Or Jailbreaking Mean?

You may have heard people talk about unlocking or jailbreaking their Firestick. You may even be asking yourself what exactly this means and how this is going to impact what you can do. All this essentially is doing is downloading a small piece of software that allows you to access apps that you usually would not be able to get access to. For example, when you download a program like Kodi you can have access to other channels you usually would not be able to get and this means you can watch different shows while using your Firestick.

What I Love About The Firestick

The Firestick is definitely one that is going to have a great reliability you are going to enjoy. The reliability is definitely one of the best features as you will not have to worry about the Firestick failing on you. This is going to make it easier for you to get the Firestick and know it is going to work for you and going to consistently work each time you are using it.

Now, I have to say that the one thing that I really like here is going to be the fact that this is going to have some great preloaded materials that I am going to be able to use. For example, when I got my Firestick I am guessing because I ordered it from Amazon it came preloaded with all of my Amazon credentials so I was able to just click a button and I was able to find my videos and shows that I had been watching on the computer rather easily.

When you look at all the apps that you have available for the Firestick it is easy to see that you have a wide number of options available. These apps are just what is available on the basic Firesticks. Once you have a program like Kodi or several others installed, you will notice you have a lot more options available and each one of these is going to make it easier for you to find the apps you want to have and in some cases even have a chance to watch quite a few shows you never imagined you would be able to see before.

What I Dislike With The Firestick

A major thing that I did not care for with the Firestick is the fact that for mine it can be a little bit slow running at times when you get the apps downloaded. I know this is because the processor is not that huge in these like a computer, but it starts to freeze up every so often and I find this to be a major issue as it tends to get a little bit jerky. Now, this is not when you are watching shows, just to be clear, but on the app screen is where this is happening to me.

Who Will This Streaming Device Be Suited For

I have to say this is a great device if you are planning on doing any type of streaming and want access to a wide range of options. However, if you are already an Amazon fan and have Prime you will love this for the easy access to the shows you love watching. No matter what if you are looking for a great streaming device then you may want to consider the Amazon Firestick as this would be perfect for that type of streaming.

My Final Thoughts On The Amazon Firestick Streaming Device

I have to say the Amazon Firestick is definitely a great streaming device you can use and know that you are going to be able to watch live , Amazon channels, and quite a few other apps. What else I really love about this device is the fact it makes it easier for you to find the best shows on Amazon and you do typically get the Alexa voice control remote that makes it easier for you to find shows. Throw in the 5G connectivity and this makes it easier for you to stream quickly. Overall, I recommend the Amazon Firestick streaming device if you are looking for a great product to use.