When your kids want to use or need to use essential oils, you will find it can be hard to get them to have them on the go. The best news is, there are several different ways to get your kids the products they are going to need to have and one of those is by using the . However, what you will find is the product is definitely one that you are going to want to learn about and that is why I have decided it was time for us to do a of the product to make sure you know what you are going to be getting for your kids to know if this will help the kids or if this is going to be something the kids do not want to have or would not use. With that being the case, we are going to do a complete of the .

Features Of This Essential Oil Diffuser

  • This is a product that the kids are going to wear because of what it is. If you think about it, if you are about my age, the slap bracelets were all the rage. I have to say not much has changed since this is the same type of bracelet that you probably used just like I did. The main difference is this is going to have an added bonus of having a place to put the little pads that will be able to hold the oils that your kids are going to want to bring with them.
  • The felt pads that are included in this bracelet will slap into place with the little chamber that is meant to hold them. The best part is all that you need to have is going to be a couple of drops of the oils to get them to work for your needs and your kid’s needs. So this means you will not be wasting a lot of the oils, which can add up in price, on the products that your kids may not even really use a lot of.
  • The bracelets are going to come in three different colors. These colors will make it quite a bit easier for you to have a great looking bracelet and know it is going to work for what you need to have it look like. So this will be a great positive as well for the bracelet to provide you with the great look that will match your kids’ outfits when they are going to be out for the day at school or if they are just hanging out with their friends.
  • While you may not like this or you could, the bracelet is not going to be the true snap bracelet we grew up with. No, these are made of silicone, but that is so the oils that are going to be on the pads are not going to come in contact with your kids’ skin. So you will not have to be concerned about the kids having any of the pure oil on the skin and this could cause a reaction because of the lack of tolerance to the oils.

What I Like About This Type Of Aromatherapy Diffuser

Well, I have to say one of the first things that I like about this product is that it is something that my kids are able to wear. This means they will have the product on their arm and not have to really worry about people trying to take something from them like a necklace or other higher end bracelet that can be used as a diffuser. So this is a nice factor that I really like with this product since it will help the kids have a good looking bracelet to wear.

The color selection of the different bracelets in the package is something else I like. The base colors are going to be green, blue and red. All of these colors at some point will most likely go along with something that your kids will be wearing throughout the day. This means you do not have to worry about your kids not getting the chance to match their clothing to the bracelets they are wearing.

I also enjoy the fact this is a bracelet that is going to keep the oils on the pads and out of contact with the kids’ skin. I know that for one of my kids they have very sensitive skin that seems to break out if you even look at it wrong. So it is nice having this protection available because it means that my kids can use the essential oils in the slap bracelet and know they are not going to break out from the exposure of the products.

What I Did Not Care For

The ends of these bracelets, just like when we were kids, still is going to dig into the skin. Now this is something that is very hard to avoid because of how the product is made, but it is something that you need to be mindful of because for some kids it can be very annoying and be distracting them to the point they are not going to pay attention to what they are trying to complete and this means they are going to look at doing other things that they should not be doing.

My Final Thoughts On The Slap Bracelet Essential Oil Diffuser

Well, I have to say I really love the fact that my kids enjoy and benefit from using essential oils. However, one thing that I have found is that it can be very difficult for me to find the right product for them to use at times when they are on the road. The Slap Bracelet Essential Oil Diffuser is a great option, but I will caution you the edges can be annoying and if you are not careful it is possible for the pads to fall out. Now, the good news is this does work for aromatherapy and will allow your kids to have the comfort they need with the essential oils. So overall, this is a product that I would recommend giving a shot to.