Smart Television in Dining Room

″ 4K 2160P Roku

Smart Television in Dining RoomBuying a new television is not a cheap experience. In fact, the television is one item in almost every home that will be looked at quite a bit and often be one of the most used items in a home. That being said, you do have to live within a budget when you are in the market for a new television. One of the affordable televisions that is on the market is the ″ 4K 2160P Roku . You just need to find out if this is the one that will match your needs or not. Once you determine that you can finally go out and make the purchase if you deem this to be the best television for your needs.

Features Of This Smart Television

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Who Would Love This Television

The TCL television here would be great for a family that wants a lot of screen to watch on, but without having a lot of cash for a larger television. That is because this is one that will give you plenty of screen and the price even for the 2018 model is typically under the 600 dollar range. Not to mention the upscaling will really enhance any of the shows you are watching, even if it does not live up to what some people believe to be the 4K standard.

What I Like About This Television

Has A Built-In Roku

Roku is easily one of the most popular streaming devices and between that and a Firestick you will notice quite a few of the newer televisions have the Roku included. This is one of those televisions that has a Roku and I have to say this is a newer version of the Rou so it does not have as much in the way of lag or other issues you get when you are using some of the other Roku devices that may not be as up to date. You will not have as much in the way of lag issues and you will find the screen to navigate is very easy to do and definitely will make it easier for you to watch your favorite shows, even if they are on demand.

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Very Easy To Use Remote 

I have a very common complaint about a lot of the new televisions and that is the fact that you need to have a degree is astrophysics to use the bloody remote. With this remote, it is very easy to use and you will love the fact that it even offers you the wonderful option of using a voice control. This makes it easier for everyone to use the remote and know they are going to get the show pulled up they want to watch, instead of finding a show they do not want to see.

Great Picture And Sound Quality

This is a television so I definitely want to have a great quality picture to look at. I mean I want to see everything that I can capture up close. That is a great feature about this television is the picture quality is simply amazing and I have to admit the sound, which I have found in a lot of the smart televisions to be very weak and needing to have a sound bar or even a complete sound system to make it easier for you to hear a commercial, let alone a television show.

What I Do Not Like About This Television

Only 1 USB Port On The Television

This I did not think would be a major issue, but ends up I like having a couple of USB ports on the television. It really cuts down on the number of cords that I have to run, but also makes it easier for me to hook up different devices as well to the television. Yes, I hate to admit it, I even have a second Roku in case the one in the television goes out for any reason, I am ready!

My Final Thoughts On The ″ 4K 2160P Roku Smart Television

I have to say this is one television that is a great model and it is one that will give you a decent quality sound and picture. What is really nice is this is a great price for the television as well. It is important to note this is the 2017 model, but the 2018 model is almost the exact same television. Overall, I have to say if you are in the market for a new television and want to get a smart television on a budget then you cannot really pass up the deal you can find with the TCL 55″ 4K 2160PP Roku Smart television.

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