Elephant Made From Televisions

Samsung 55″ 2160P 4K Ultra HD

Elephant Made From TelevisionsFinding a new is something that I really do not look forward to doing, but doing this article actually made me think about the fact that I really like the new televisions and mine is starting to get a little bit older. With that being the case, I figured everyone is going to be needing a new television soon and definitely when it comes time to get the tax returns in early next year. Since that is the case and since a lot of people buy a television during this time period I decided it was time to do a a few months earlier. In this case, we are going to talk about the Samsung 55″ 2160P 4K Ultra HD television in a that you can read and put the information to use so you can find out if this is the television you should consider or not.

Features Of The Samsung 55″ 2160P 4K Ultra HD Television

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What I Like About This Television

Three HDMI Ports And 2 USB Ports

With a lot of the televisions that I have looked at they only have a couple of HDMI ports and this means that I cannot plug everything in the television. What else I have found is I never have enough USB ports for my television either. These ports are a great way to power the Roku or even a Firestick if you need to. With this television it has 2 of the ports and this makes it quite a bit easier for me to power the devices that I am using and in some cases even ust plug in the devices as well.

Has Built-In WiFi Connections

I hate with some of the so-called smart televisions that you have to set up a WiFi connection with a Roku or an Amazon Firestick. This is a major issue for me because that is just something else to have hanging out on the wall with the television. At the same time, this is something else that can go wrong and break as well. So I really love the fact this is a television that has a built-in way to connect to the Internet without me having to do anything to it.

Is Easy To Hang On The Wall

This is a television that is larger, but even for the size because it is a modern television it will not weigh a ton. This means you can easily hang it on the wall. So you do not have to be concerned about trying to find a television stand that can hold the television. Instead, you will notice this is going to be very easy for you to hang on the wall and keep hanging up. You can even find a separate mounting kit for the television as well which will make it easier for you to keep the TV on the wall.

What I Did Not Care For Here

The Remote Is Not The Best

As much as I hate to say it I do not really care for the remote. The remote is nice and it is like most of the Samsung remotes on the market, but when you are using a smart television you want to have a remote that is very easy to use and going to make your a lot better. The good news is that you can find a great remote at Walmart or even on Amazon to replace the remote with one that is going to be a little bit more user friendly.

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The Processor Speed Can Be Slow And Sluggish

This is a complaint that we have seen from a lot of people and that is the fact this is a slower processor on the market. This means it can be a little bit on the laggy side when you are using it and sometimes it can even freeze up. When you have this you do need to make sure you take this into account as the delay may cause you to accidentally hit a button a couple of times.

Who Would Like The Samsung Television

The people who would really like this television are those who are looking for a great brand at an affordable price. This is going to provide both of those. The Samsung brand is a very strong one on the television market and even with the price being a little bit higher than what you might expect it is definitely going to be worth the extra few dollars compared to some of the other brands that are on the market.

My Final Thoughts On The Samsung 55″ 2160P 4K Ultra HD TV

This is a great television from Samsung, which is a decent company and will definitely provide you with a nice television to watch shows on. The smart feature is nice as it can help you in getting the television viewing done you want to do. However, one thing that you will find is the television can be a little sluggish at times when it comes to getting the apps to run. Overall, though, I find this Samsung television to be one of the best on the market and definitely is one you can enjoy watching shows on.

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