VTech CS6949 Cordless Phone
VTech CS6949 Cordless Phone

 A cordless phone is a very valuable item to have in your . Yes, you may have your cell phone or other phones, but if the cell towers go down then you have no service. However, one service that tends to be very reliable, even in the modern world, is a corded phone line. With the different on the market it is very difficult to pick which one works best for you. To help you out we are now reviewing what we view as one of the 5 best cordless phones on the market and that is the cordless phone.

Features Of The

  • Has a digital answering system
  • The base has a speakerphone and duplex handset
  • Call ID that will store 30 calls
  • Has a call block mode
  • Expandable up to 5 handsets

What I Like About The

Backlit Display Makes It Easier To See

The backlit display is one thing that is great to have available. The way the backlit is on it allows you to see everything you need to know who is calling, but also have an easier time to answer the phone. Now, what else is great about the phone is the fact that the light balance is not so bright that it completely blinds you when you are woke up in the middle of the night from the phone ringing and looking to see who is calling.

Can Hold Up To 22 Minutes Of Messages

Normally I would not really care about a phone being able to record messages, but since it is summer now and I am outside all the time I want a phone that can record messages. That is what I get here and the fact that it is able to record up to 22 minutes of messages definitely helps to get all of my messages in line and ready to be answered.

Has A Call Block Mode

This is one mode that I love about the modern phones and that is the block feature. We all get the unwanted calls and do not want to listen to the telemarketers calling back time and time again. However, what else does not help is the fact that the telemarketers tend to call from the same number all the time. With that being the case, the call block feature allows you to block certain numbers when they are calling and that helps you avoid a lot of the unwanted calls.

What I Did Not Care For With The Vtech CS6949

Unable To Easily Adjust Sound On The Base

The base unit is a great way to have one phone that you know it will be at no matter what your kids have done with the handheld sets. The problem that comes up is the base unit here is not going to be easy to adjust the volume on the base. This means you could have some problems in getting the sound turned down without shocking your system into awakeness if you have the base next to the bed.

What Others Are Saying

JB had this to say on the Walmart website about the phones, “fairly easy to program”. While this may not seem like it is a big deal, you have to remember that some of these phones are very difficult to use. So the fact that the setup for this phone is easy definitely will help out a lot of people.

TK from Walmart even mentions this and it’s a point I did not think of before. “We are glad to have a corded landline that will still work in the event of a power outage”. Now, I did not mention this before, but with the phone here it generates the power it needs from the phone line. This makes it easier for you to have a phone that still works in the event of a power outage, unless you are like most modern phone companies that require a modem to operate. 

My Final Thoughts On VtechCS6949 Cordless Phone

A cordless phone is a great item to have, but it can be difficult to find the right phone to buy. Well, I now that after going through the store and seeing the cost of the cordless phones now, it is insane to buy the wrong model. That is why I decided to review the Vtech CS6949 cordless phone.  I have to say for the price this phone is nice and will definitely do the job, but at the same time the phone is very basic compared to most models that are on the market now. Overall, if you want a very basic phone that does the job and will not break the bank, then the Vtecch CS6949 is the right model for you.

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