Best Subscription Services

Streaming music is one of the best ways to listen to music and depending on where you live it could be the only way that you can keep a consistent music without the static. The problem that you may have is not knowing stream the music you want to listen to and not really have to worry about losing connection or even worse missing out on the music you want to listen to. To help you decide, we decided it was time for us to showcases some of the streaming music subscription services and make a special note to showcase the 3 best streaming music subscription services we love and have used.

How Did I Narrow Down My List

I have to admit, I did look at all the different services and tried out a lot of the free samples or free days they offer, whichever term you like to use. Then I evaluated the services on the number of people you can have on the account, I have a family of 5. I also looked at the width of the music that was going to be covered and this really helped to narrow down the list of the that were available for me to pick from because I have to admit I am very picky about the music that I am listening to.

3. Spotify 

Spotify is one that I have to say I have read about and did enjoy, but I did find it not as reliable as the other services in my experience. Some of that comes from the fact that my Internet service is sketchy at times, but even then I would want to have something reliable. So that is why Spotify has landed on the level here. Now, what else I did not really care for is when I use this on the computer the service is somewhat clunky and I have to admit the search feature is lacking at times. On the good side, though, Spotify does have an easy to use interface on the mobile devices, but it also streams really quickly when you are on a good Internet.

2. Pandora

I have to admit I did like Pandora and found the service to be really good. The problem that I ran into at the time when it was ready to upgrade to the paid plan was the fact that the cost was going to be rather expensive at the time for my music service for the family. The selection of usic was fairly good and I have to say that I did like the selection, but one thing that I did not like was the fact that the music was hard to find at times, but I did find the range nice. The other thing that I did not care for and this could be a little bit related to my Internet service and it was the fact that it would get a little bit laggy at times. This was very true if I was listening to Pandora over the LTE network or if I was using my computer. So it could have been one of those two things that were creating the problems.

1. Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon is a great choice for your music if you are looking for some great selections and good service. Yes, it is an Amazon product, but I can tell you that I am getting it because they do have one of the largest music libraries I have seen, but it also makes it easier for me to get the larger selection. Now, I do have some issues with Amazon music and that is the fact that it does take some time to get used to the interface and if you are using it on the computer, you need to download the app or you could be lost rather easily or have a very clunky web browser service. When you are using the app on your mobile devices you will notice that it does update on a regular basis and if you miss an update, even if it was running perfectly smooth before you will have a ton of issues. However, Amazon Music Unlimited definitely finds the top spot for us as it does have a wide selection of songs and for the most part is reliable with a lot of accounts available for the household makes it easier to see why this streaming music service has taken our top spot.

Honorable Mentions

  • Music
  • Groove Music
  • Google Play Music
  • Soundcloud

Pick The Best Streaming Music Subscription Services

I have to say that any of the top three I have listed will work for you in most cases. You will find they have a lot of selection with regards to the types and genres of music. They also tend to have plenty of music for you to listen to and add onto your play list without really having to be concerned about running out of music options. So no matter what, you will find streaming music is a great way to enjoy your music and know you are going to enjoy your time when you can just sit down and listen to some great tunes.