Spotify Streaming Music Service

Spotify Streaming Music 

Spotify Streaming Music ServiceStreaming music has become very popular among people of all ages, but with so many different services what really sets each of them apart from the other service you may have heard about before and may not have wanted to buy? Well, if you are a regular reader of ours you know we have already covered what we feel are the three best streaming music services and now we are going to cover more about the Spotify . Then you will know for certain if this service will actually help you out or if you are going to be using a service that is not able to provide you with the music you want to have and can listen to rather easily. Now it is time to start our Spotify Streaming Music review and then you can start to learn even more about the service that you can use and start to use almost right away.

Spotify Streaming Music Features

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Can You Create A Playlist With Spotify?

Spotify is a great service and it does allow you to create a music playlist. The downside is you do have to be a member of the premium service to get the playlist option for some of the features you are going to do. So you are going to want to keep this in mind as you are going to need to consider a premium subscription if you are looking at creating multiple playlist and enjoying the music to listen to and enjoy on a list.

Are The Worth Listening To On Spotify?

The podcast that are available on Spotify and if they are a good thing to listen to or not really depends on what you are looking for. If you like the that are available then you will enjoy listening to them. What else you will like is the fact the service does have a wide range of podcast type of niches for you to enjoy and know you will be able to find the one that will work best for your listening pleasure.

Does Spotify Allow Offline Playing?

When you have a premium subscription you can easily get the offline playing. This often means you will have to download the songs or that you want to listen to. However, it is a nice feeling to know that when you are going through an area that does not have Internet connection for you to use that you are able to get the songs you want to have and be able to listen to the songs or podcasts.

What I Like With Spotify

The offline listening option is definitely a plus. Now, this is available only in the premium option, but it is worth it since you get to listen offline. At the same time, though, you will need to make sure you know about the fact that this is premium only and you will have to download some of the music to your device for it to work properly. If you do not do this, then you could the issue of not being able to listen to the music you are trying to hear.

The podcasts are amazing when you are listening to Spotify. With a lot of the streaming music services, I am missing out on the podcast. While I know these are not as popular as what they used to be, they are something that you can really get used to listening to and sometimes you can find some that you will enjoy because of the people who are on the podcasts are people who you will find interesting.

What I Dislike With Spotify

I have to admit that the one that I did not really care for about Spotify is the fact the menus can be a little bit, I guess you would say sluggish. This could be because I am not used to the interface, but even when I talked to other users of the service they all mentioned the same thing that they are finding the service to have sluggish menus compared to what they are used to using. So a definite improvement in the menu options would really help out and make me like the service even more.

Who Would Like Spotify The Most

I have to say Spotify would work best for people that are on the go all the time. However, it would also work great for people who are looking to have an offline option, like kids or teens who are on the school bus and are unable to hook up to WiFi. Someone else who would like this is the people who enjoy listening to podcasts quite a bit as the service does offer a variety of podcasts for you to listen to and often you can find a podcast that is in a related topic you want to listen to.

My Final Thoughts On Spotify

Spotify is a great option if you are looking for some great music that you can listen to offline. However, what you will find is the music and ease of use can be a challenge as well. Not to mention, the music selection and building your list out can be difficult to do as well. Overall, though Spotify is a great service and with all the different podcasts, it is very easy for you to find the right program to listen to and have a chance to enjoy a lot of different musical styles as well. With that being said, I will say I do like the Spotify , but you may find other services to work better with a larger library for your needs.