Streaming Music On The Go


Streaming Music On The Go is definitely something that I love to do and it is definitely a thing that I want to do more of as I really have found a lot of the music on the radio and even the satellite radio stations does not mean my needs. Since this is the case, I have really started to look at the streaming music services and have already ranked the top 3 services that I think are the three best and in that was listed as well. Well, if you are a regular reader of News To Review then you know that we like to do our rankings, buyers guides, and comparison of the top two items, but also enjoy doing an in-depth review of the services or products. In this case, we are going to talk about which is a product that we use on a regular basis and thought we would share our information and thoughts about here.

What Is Amazon Music

As you have already guessed this is a music streaming service that is part of the Amazon family. You may have thought this would be like iHeartRadio or even Sirius with the power of Amazon backing it, but this is not the case. I guess the best comparison you would have would be looking towards a program like Pandora to see the best comparison on the market as to what this would be like the most. So I have to say this is a streaming service and it does have channels you can listen to, but also have playlist as well which is going to make it easier for you to get the right music to listen to and build your own list.

Can You Build A Playlist

The playlist is a great feature that does make it nice for the Amazon music you are going to want to listen to. I know this may sound a little bit on the odd side, but when you are listening to music you may want to have it available for you to listen to. So it is great that you can build a playlist and even better when you are able to build a customized playlist for the music you want to have. For example, hyou could build a list that is meant for driving in the car, but it could be different for the jams you can use at the Saturday night dance party.

Is This Available For More Than One User

Family plans are a great option that you are going to want to look for in the type of plans if you are a parent. I know that for me I have to get the family plans as I have 2 teens that would object if they did not get their music. So I have to say I love the fact that this is a company that does have a family plan that will allow you to have up to five users on the plan, which makes it rather easy for you to get the music spread around for all the family members.

How Big Is The Music Library

While I have to admit I have found some songs that are not available in the music library, I will say that I did find the majority of the songs I listen to are in the library. As the downside, you will notice some of the music libraries will be deleted and updated at times. This will make it very difficult for you to have the music available to you all the time, but it is going to be easy for you to find the music and be able to listen to it.

What Do I Like About The Service

I love the variety of music that is available on the service. Now, they do updates periodically which you will see in the dislike option. However, at the same time I do love that this service compared to some of the others has a ton of music options available. This makes it quite a bit easier for me to get the music I want to listen to and know that if I use some of the channels it will find some of the music I never heard before or even better have not heard in years.

The channels that are available with the service is something else that is rather enjoyable. When you go to a channel you will click on the musician you like and the service will go out and find songs that are from the same era, but also the same genre. For example, the Frank Sinatra channel will play Frank’s songs, but it will also go out and find out some of the music from the same genre and play it as well so you could find Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, and several other people on the music list.

What else is nice is the ability to customize your playlist. When you do this you can have your own account set up and everyone can have their own playlist if you have the family plan. So this allows you as parents to have a list that is completely different than what your kids would be listening to and htis makes it rather easy for you to have some great music to listen to and joy.

What Do I Dislike With The Service 

The one big issue I have with this service is when they update or have other issues with the fact that some of the songs that I have on my playlist simply disappear. I know this is probably because of the fact that my music list is being updated and probably because of some copyright issues, but it would be nice to have some type of advance notice this song o that song will be removed from the playlist.

My Final Thoughts On Amazon Music

I have to say out of all the services that I have tried out AmazonMusic is one that is affordable and has a great family plan. Since that is the case, I have a tendency to use this service over the others that I have used. What is really great about the service is the fact this is one that does allow you to have a family plan to use and this makes it easier for you to enjoy the music together and all of your kids have their own plans to set up. So this is definitely going to make it quite a bit easier for you to enjoy the music streaming service. Overall, I have to say Amazon music is reliable and definitely has plenty of options when it comes to getting good music you are sure to love Amazon Music.