When you sit down to stream music you will notice that you have more services available than you can shake a stick at. That is why we have rated the top streaming music services in our experience, but have also decided to delve down a little bit deeper into the individual services which we ranked in our five best streaming music services. With that being the case, we have decided it was time for us to go over one of the services we have used before and that is . Since that is the case we have decided it was time for us to do our in-depth of , which is an older music streaming service, but still one that is very relevant in the world today.

Features Of Pandora 

  • Does have quite a few songs that you can listen to and will be able to listen to offline and online the last time we used it. Now, it is important to note that this is only available if you are using the paid services that are available.
  • The menu that you have available to set up and get everything set up like you want to have is very easy to use and does not really need any guidance, which makes it easier for you to get it set up and ready to use. Not to mention unlike some services that takes hours to get loaded up, this takes only a few minutes to get done.
  • Customization is another great feature you will like as well. This makes it easier for you to get your favorite music set up and streaming almost right away, but also makes it easier for you to get the list set up like you want to have it set up and played how you want it to play.

Does Pandora Allow Offline Listening?

Now, this is a good question and one we actually turned to the teenagers for help with, mainly our own teenager who has friends that use all the streaming services. The good news is that if you have a Premium subscription you should be able to listen to music offline. The premium subscription does cost money, but overall it is fairly worth the cost of the expense because you do get quite a bit more songs, commercials are removed and overall the streaming pleasure is a lot more enjoyable.

Is The Music Libray Large With Pandora?

Pandora is one of those services that does have quite a large library of music for you to enjoy. However, what you will find is the music is changing almost constantly. Some of this comes from contracts expiring, but some of it comes from the fact the company is constantly adding to the library and some of the less popular songs do get bumped off. One thing that I did enjoy is you can find some new artist by listening as well and that definitely helps you in getting to enjoy the music even more.

How Difficult Is It To Create A Playlist?

When you create your first playlist you will find that it is very easy to create. However, you will then quickly notice that you do not want to have this song matched with this song and need to change it around. Thankfully, Pandora’s developers know this happens and since this can and does happen they make it easier for you to get the playlist redone rather easily and you can create several different playlist to use.

Does Pandora Have Family Accounts?

While Pandora does not come right out and call it a family account they have a type of account when we were subscribed to the service that allowed you to have four people on the same account and their device. The cost of this service was a little bit higher than what I expected and that is why I switched to Amazon Music, but in short they have an account that is like a family account, but it is not truly titled that.

What I Like About The Pandora Music Streaming Service

I do have to admit I like the fact they did have a large music selection. Some of the music is the latest that you would hear on the radio and some of it is the songs you may have never heard before, but that is what really made the music interesting and allowed me to keep the service as long as I did because the music was interesting and always nice to hear.

Something else that I really enjoyed with the service was the ability to add in up to 4 different people. However, I will tell you that I did not like the price and the limits on the accounts because Amazon Prime Music Unlimited, which I am a subscriber of now had more to offer at the time and even more accounts for listening to music.

Something else that I do have to say is when I was streaming with Pandora on my networks, instead of WiFi it was not draining my battery as much as some of the other services. This was a great feature and definitely one that is something you need to consider if you are using an older phone or tablet that has a battery that may not be meeting the same needs you would expect to have.

What Do I Dislike With The Service

A major issue that I had and why I really left is how they had the family type of plan set up. I have 3 kids and a husband who all stream music in addition to myself. Well, at the time we would have been limited to 4 accounts which means someone would be left out or not able to listen to music when they wanted to. Which if you have ever had to tell a teen that they could not listen to their music then you know the sense of dread I was going to have when I would have to tell one of them to turn off their music so we could stream.

My Final Thoughts On Pandora Music

I have to say that Pandora is one streaming music service that I do not mind, but at the same time it is not my favorite if that makes sense. The service does have a lot of music that you can listen to and it is definitely a service that will provide you with quite a bit of music to listen to. At the same time, though, I found the service to not fit my needs as I needed more than one I guess you could say subaccount. However, if you do not have Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited, I would definitely give Pandora Stream Music Service a go as it is definitely one service that you will not be disappointed in.