Comparing The Amazon Firestick To Roku

Comparing The Amazon Firestick To Roku seems to be the latest trend and it definitely is adding up to be a great way to watch television. However, finding the best streaming device can be a challenge at times. This is why we decided it was going to be a good idea to go out and compare the Amazon Firestick to the Roku streaming devices. Now, the reason why we picked these two devices is one, they are the two streaming devices we love the most. At the same time, though, we know these are a couple of the mainstreaming devices people are going to have access to. With that being said, it is time to launch into our comparison of the Amazon Firestick to the Roku.

Amazon Firestick Features

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Roku Firestick Features

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How Are The Firestick And Roku Alike

The Firestick and the Roku will have several features that are almost exactly alike. However, the problem that you may have is not knowing about these features and thinking that they are completely different because the name is different. I can attest that they do have a lot of differences, but I have found some items that are similar and they are going to be listed here.

These are both devices that are going to stream live television, but also allow for the addition of apps from various networks. Both of these will make it easier for you to get this done and they are going to have a navigation screen that you will find is going to be very self-explanatory. So this is definitely going to be a great feature that will show you that these two devices are going to be alike.

You will notice that the Roku, if you have the Ultra, and the Firestick are both going to rely on the 5G networks that you may have running in your . When you have these set up and running properly in your , it will be easier for you to get the connection you need and also have the speed you want to be able to stream your movies or shows without having to worry about any type of buffering issues that are commonly seen with some of the devices, but remember it really depends on your Internet speed as well.

Something else that you will notice is you can download games to both of the devices. The games you can download are not like super advanced like Call of Duty, but they are games that you can play on your own like Solitaire and games similar to those that are basic games and ones that are not graphic heavy. Click below to buy the Roku Ultra.

How Are The Firestick And Roku Different

The differences is one thing that you will notice as being really noticeable with these two devices. You will notice that these do have some really glaring differences in the way that you are able to get the device and know what it is going to do for you.

The way you access YouTube is a major difference between these two devices. While Amazon used to have the YouTube app, they have removed it and now if you want to watch YouTube you have to use the Silk or Firefox browser, which is fine, but it is an extra step. With the Roku you have access to the YouTube app, which is very much like the one that you would be using on your mobile devices.

Ease of accessing the Amazon Prime videos is completely different as well. While you may think this is going to be easy to do, you need to realize when you are using the Roku you have to download the Amazon app and log in. Then you will have a screen that is almost like what you get on the Firestick. With the Firestick the main home screen is your apps, but also has all the Amazon material you would ever want to checkout on it. Click below to buy the Amazon Firestick.

Which One Should You Get? 

Now, here is a shocking answer for some people and I will have to say if you have the money then get both of them! Yes, I said it, if you can afford it then I would recommend getting the Amazon Firestick and the Roku Ultra. This way you will have a chance to access what is not available easily on one device with the other device and vice versa. So if it is mean, I definitely would want to get both of them to get the best of both worlds. If you can only afford one of them, though, then I would have to say the Amazon Firestick is a great option and is actually the first streaming device I ever bought before. Now you know, which one is better when you go out and compare the .