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3 Must Do Items For In 2019

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SEO 2019

is one of those things that we really do not talk about much here at News To , but it is one way that we are able to keep the site going as we are not paying for the advertising and posting of the website in ads. The problem is has become a challenge and it is no longer 2008 when you could throw up a website and keyword stuff the same word twenty thousand times and see it rank. Now, that is back when the Internet was literally crap and you could not find anything of real value online and would still find yourself trekking to the library to get the books so you could get the information you needed. While this may be the case still for some, the Internet has dramatically improved as a resource and definitely is the future, but ranking your website is a lot more difficult. Well, thankfully we have experts like Neil Patel who definitely help out a lot of people in ranking with free tools and advice, like he provides in the video here and we are going to highlight some of the information as well.

Content Is King

Content Is KingThe king is not dead and it is well and alive. That being the fact that content is king. Yes, when I first started online about 12 years ago now, I always heard content was king. At the time that meant throwing up 300 word crap articles stuffed with keywords that would rank and that helped you get higher in the search engines. Well, now the search engines have started to get a lot more selective in what they are using to rank the content. I know that this is going to be a challenge for a lot of people and I know it was for me, but if you are looking to rank in the search engines you need to have deeper content that is more in-depth.

You may be asking yourself right now what exactly I mean by deeper content? Well, you have to think about it like this you need to have content that answers the questions people have, but also provides a unique perspective of the information that you are giving the reader. For example, if you are talking about Clicker Training, which I know is a very popular dog training program, you will find a lot of the information on the Internet is just a rehash of the same information. Obviously, you are going to have some problems in getting the information to be unique. However, by drilling down it is easy to find a question that people have about the topic.

Building upon the Clicker Training you may find that some people are looking for information on how to use the training course for a stubborn dog. This information will not be something that everyone is going to cover, but it could be the unique point you are able to use to get people to check out your or article. You are going to provide them with a reason to come and explore if the training program will work with the stubborn dogs and if it will, how long it takes to work and all the other juicy de2. tails you can provide. Then you would want to provide even more information about the program and how it will help people out and the benefits it provides to them, but you need balance as well to give a fair review and include some drawbacks at the same time.

2. Optimize Your Meta Information

I have to admit this is one thing that I often overlooked because I was of the school of thought of my content is good enough I do not need to do anything extra. However, I quickly found that this thought was wrong and while the content is good, it was not enough. I was missing out on the golden chance to optimize my content and have it rank higher in the search engines than what I thought possible before. The factor that I was missing out was not in how to get my blog post information better, instead, it was more along the lines of looking at the meta information. Yes, the meta information one of the easiest things to change for the good on your website and also will help you out quite a bit.

Personally, I use the SEOPressor plugin that is really good at helping you rank. At the same time, the plugin is one that actually will allow you to have a good amount of information that is going to help you out and allows you to easily customize your Meta information. The first thing that you want to work on is your SEO Meta title. This is the line that is displayed above the information that you have listed in the search engine results describing your page. The information you put here actually will make a difference in how you rank and what keyword you may rank for. In the Clicker Training example, you would want something that focuses on the stubborn dogs and the program. A good example, without doing any research on my part, would be Will Clicker Training Work For My Stubborn Dog. This may be a little long as you have right around 50 characters total, but you get the point of what I am talking about.

The next thing that you will want to cover is the Meta Description. The Meta Description is the little bit of teaser type of information that will help you out in getting the content in front of the viewers. This information is what you put in the description that will make people want to click to your content. For example, if you have a website that is covering the Clicker Training you would want to have a description that ask a quick question, then provides the answer. You have roughly 150 characters in this part of your description. The example I would use, Dog stubborn? Will Click Training help out? Find out our results with Clicker Training for our dog.

As you can tell in the information I am asking 2 questions, then telling the people to come to the site to find out our results. This way you catch them by asking them if their dog is stubborn, then you take and mention the program and ask if it will help out. After that you are dropping the bombshell by telling them to go to your site to find out how it helped your dog.

3. Optimize Your Targeted Keywords

Keywords are everywhere, yes that is a Chrome extension as well, but in this case it is the other factor that will help you in ranking higher in the search engines. Yes, the keywords that you are going to look for are going to be long tail in most cases, unless you own the product. However, what else you will want to do is look for LSI keywords as well. These keywords are the ones that are going to be related to your main keyword, but make it quite a bit easier for you to rank higher in the search engines. The reason being this is going to help the search engines hone in on what your content is about and make it easier for them to know that you are talking about Clicker Training and dog training in general because you are using the proper LSI keywords. SEOPressor, the plugin I use, automatically searches these out for you and helps you find them and even grades your content for you, which is a great feature and really helps to avoid any issues of missing out on a prime opportunity to rank higher.

Now, if you watched the video above you will notice that I did not put down that you can also use information inside of the search console tools. I think Neil Patel covers that point better than I could ever do. However, I will point out and reiterate one thing that I saw he brushes on in the video and that is the fact that you will have to put forth some time and have patience as the results are not instant and just like everything with SEO work you may not expect to get instant results. No matter what, make sure you go back and rewatch that portion of the video for sure as it definitely can make a difference in how well you rank in the search engines.

Going Forward With SEO 2019 And Beyond

Okay, this is a challenge as the search engines are constantly adapting to the needs of the searchers. While you may notice that what you are doing today ranks really well, but tomorrow it doesn’t it is disappointing. However, you need to realize this is not going to change one factor above all and that is content is king. You have to make sure the content you provide is on point, informative, answers questions that users may have, but also helps guide the search engines to what you are talking about. Doing all of these will make it easier than you imagined to keep ranking high in the search engines and helps protect your website from the different updates the search engines have completed in the past. No matter what, though, you need to implement the 3 must do items for SEO in 2019 to help get results faster.