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Filtered WaterWe all have seen the water filters that fit on your faucet. However, which one of these filters is going to work and which one of these filters should you just leave behind? Well, I will tell you it can be a daunting task because I literally was in the local Walmart the other day, yes I shop at Walmart because they have some products I need for an affordable price, and on the shelf, with the water filters I found five different brands. I simply picked up the first couple of ones to do a quick comparison and they all pretty much said the same thing. Will remove up to 99% of the contaminants in the water. Now, this actually scared me a little when I saw how many contaminants and what all it would remove. Then I got to thinking what that will go on my faucet is the best one to give me filtered water to drink? Then I came and did some research and found out it was time for me to get to work on writing a buyers guide to make it easier for you to find which filter would work best for you.

What Does The Filter Remove?

This is the key question you need to ask yourself. What is all the water filters I am looking at going to remove from my water? I know that you may be scared to drink water after seeing the information on what you are going to be looking at here. However, it is important to know what the is going to remove. Then you will have a good chance of knowing just how the filter is going to help you out or if the filter is going to be one that you are going to need to bypass because of the products it is leaving behind.

A big one that we have seen quite a bit of is the removal of lead from the water. Scary as this sounds, you will have seen the stories of places like Flint, Michigan. In this story the water was heavily contaminated with lead from the older pipes in the water system. So it is very important to realize this can happen anywhere as the utility systems in America get older. The companies know this and they know the fear that people have over lead poisoning and this fear is justified with the amount of damage that can happen with the lead poisoning. Since this is the case, you will notice a ton of the water filters will count lead as one of the items they are going to remove from the water.

When you are looking at the lead removal, you should consider the percentage of lead that will be removed. Yes, this may seem a little odd, but when you are using this product it will remove the majority of the lead. However, we have found only one item that claims to remove all of the lead. The downside is this filter does have the shortest life from the filters we have seen, which brings up the next point.

Water Filter Lifespan

This is a factor that you really need to consider because if the water filter has a short lifespan, then the chances are good that you will end up buying a new filter on a regular basis. Now, the best way to gauge this is how many gallons the filter says it will filter before it needs to be replaced. Typically you will be abel to find the lifespan based off of the gallons of water filtered and in most cases it is in the one hundred to two hundred gallon amount. This is actually quite a bit higher than what you would expect because it is only filtered water for drinking and that means you can easily gauage the time frame by measuring out how much water you are drinking each month.

Ease Of Finding Replacement Filters 

While you may think that you can find any water filter at your local store, you need to realize this is not always the case. So you should look at where you can find the replacement filters you will need and how much these filters cost. I will be honest, I use the Pur filter because it is very easy for me to find at the local store or online. So this is definitely something that I really like because it makes it easier for me to find the filters I need to have and know that it is going to work for what I need to have. What else is nice is if you are getting a water filter system for your sink that is going to have several different locations to buy a filter from, which means you do not have to worry about any single store running out of the filters you need to have.

Method Of Mounting The Water Filter To The Faucet

This is not something that is a major concern for a lot of people, but I found that for my faucet with the upright filters it tends to be a little bit on the heavy side and this caused my sink faucet to start to leak around the rings. The other style that is common and the one that I use is the horizontal filter which you will flip a switch and the filter will start to work and drain you filtered water out into your cup. So this is definitely another method that will work for a lot of people. So you should consider the way the filter is going to be mounted to the sink.

Now You Can Buy A Water Filter

The buyers guide for faucet mounted water filters is not that long, but it does provide you with some of the considerations that I have found with the filtered water Each of these is going to make a difference in how well the water is going to taste, but it will also make a difference in the water quality as well. So this is definitely going to help you pick out the best water filter among all of the competing water filters.