Acumen Digital Dash Cam
Acumen Digital Dash Cam

Sometimes a dash cam is what you need to have in your car to capture all the action on your daily commute or if you drive Uber to protect yourself from lawsuits. With that being the case, it is time to explore another one of the dash cams that made our 5 best dash cam list. I know the Acumen Wide Angle Video Recorder is one that not a lot of people have heard of before, but it is a brand that does do the job of recording what is going on when you are driving and that is exactly what you want. With all the different models on the market, though, it is time to know more about the and that is what you will get in our here.

Features Of The Acumen Wide Angle Video Recorder Dash Cam

  • Records in 1080P at a rate of 25 Frames Per Second.
  • Has a built-in microphone and speaker for the camera.
  • Uses a G-Sensor that will auto lock the video recorded in the event of an accident.
  • Auto detect feature for the exposure to guarantee a clear image.

What Do I Like With The

The G-Sensor Makes It Easier To Record Footage In An Accident

The G-Sensor is going to make it easier for you to know that you have captured the video for any accident that you may have been involved in. How this works, it makes it easier for you to get the accident captured and not recorded over because this will take and record the footage that you need and it will lock the video in place. What is even better is the sensor helps to guarantee that the footage you need is captured and this could help you in getting to keep out of trouble if you were not at fault in the accident, but were ticketed for it.

Auto Adjust For Exposure

With a lot of the dash cams that we have looked at, it will take and not have a feature that will adjust for the exposure of the sunlight to the camera. Yes, I know that they all should because you typically do not drive in the middle of perfect conditions and cannot help the glare off of your windscreen. At the same time, though, the adjustment that is being made will be done at a rate that is not noticeable for you and it makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the video quality that you want to have.

Installation Is Very Easy To Complete

Now, in the what I do not like you will notice that I am going to have the fact that I dislike this part as well. I know that I always want to have something that is easy to install and that is exactly what this has here. However, at the same time, if they are easy to install the chances are good that it could be a problem when you are using them and that could cause some issues for you as you are driving down the road.

Can Record In Night Vision

Driving in the daytime is very easy for a lot of the dash cams, but some of them start to struggle when you start to drive at night. Well, this is one camera that actually is able to avoid this issue. That comes from the fact that this is one dash cam, surprising for the price, that is able to record in night vision as well. Granted, it is not as good of a quality at night that you get when you are watching a show like Ghost Adventures, but it does provide you with a good view.

What I Did Not Care For

Installation Uses A Suction Cup

I mentioned before that I liked how easy the is to install, but did say at the same time I disliked it as well. That comes from the fact that the dash cam uses a suction cup to get it installed. This means that the suction cup can start to lose its grip over time and that means that your video could go sideways or it could end up completely recording and locking in place as the dash cam loses its grip and falls down to the floor of your car.

My Final Thoughts On The Aumen Wide Angle Dash Cam

When I was looking at this camera, I thought at first that it would not be that good of a camera. I mean it is one of the lower priced models that we did look at. However, I was pleasantly shocked with the quality of the camera for the price and the value to the cost is actually quite amazing. The quality of the recordings tends to be among some of the best that you can find for an affordable price, but also the way the camera stores information during an accident is nice as well. Overall, I have to say for the affordable price and great look the Acumen Wide Angle Video Recorder Vehicle Dashboard Camera is not that bad and definitely a nice addition to your vehicle.