Poweradd 1080P Digital Dash Camera
Poweradd 1080P Digital Dash Camera

are a great item to have for protection in your vehicle. However, what you are going to find is there are  large number of cameras on the market and each one is going to have their own pluses and negatives. That is why I am continuing my series covering the various dash cams on the market and in this case talking about the Poweradd 1080P DVR Camera video record dash cam. With that being the case, it is time for us to launch into our of the Poweradd 1080P DVR dash cam.

Features Of The PowerAdd

  • Has two different lenses, the front provides 140 degrees and rear holds 120 degrees.
  • Video records at 30 frames per second for high quality recording.
  • Constant recording for uninterrupted video input.
  • Built-in Microphone and records in AVI format

What I Like About The Poweradd Dash Cam

Records In Good Quality

The quality of the recordings may not be like what you get in the car chase scenes in the movies, but the quality of the recording is decent. With that being said, the recordings, though, will only be as good as the car is clean. For example, if you do not clean your windshield for two or three days, then the chances of getting a clean video is going to be hard to do. At the same time if the sun is out and reflecting off of the windshield then you will notice the picture quality will be impacted as well. Overall, though, for this being a I cannot really complain about the quality of the recordings.

Constant Recording Guarantees Nothing Is Missed

Once you get in your car and turn the camera on it will record everything that is going on. This includes the conversations, but also everything that you are doing when you are driving. This makes it easier for you to have everything documented on what is going on, but also makes it easier for you to know more about the fact that everything you need to have in the video is captured. This could even include any accidents that you may witness or other issues that you could end up seeing when you are driving.

Lock Button Makes Sure Some Items Are Not Recorded Over

Sometimes when you are driving you do see some very interesting things that you want to take a look at later on. While this may not be everyday it is something that you need to make sure you keep. That is the plus of this system as it has a lock button that allows you to keep certain items from being recorded over. This makes it easier for you to store the incident that you witnessed and know it will help you in getting to review what you saw earlier.

What I Did Not Like About The Poweradd

Small 2.7 Inch Display Screen

While I do not expect to have a 70 inch big screen in my car for a dash cam, I would like to have a camera that does not require a telescope to see. So a slightly larger display would be a great option, but even then I cannot really complain for the price. Not to mention, that if the display was much larger the chance would be quite a bit higher for it to actually block out the view you need to have when you are driving down the road.

My Final Thoughts On The Poweradd Dashcam

I have to admit this is one dashcam that looks good, but it may not live up the hype that a lot of people have given it in the past. Yes, I know most people will tell you this is great and for the money you cannot go wrong. Well, I have found and have reviewed other dashcams that provide better quality at an equal to even lower price. So, while I will not tell you not to buy the Poweradd Dashcam, I will tell you to make sure you shop around first and if you do decide to buy this model, then please do so by clicking on the button you see. Overall, the value is good, but I think I would personally prefer a different dashcam.