Blackweb Digital Dash Cam
Blackweb Digital Dash Cam

The Blackweb company is one that tends to be recognized for selling electronic products at a deeply discounted price. That is the downside because a lot of people think that with that price point and the discount brand that it tends to lose a lot of the quality. Well, now we are going to talk about the Blackweb Digital in our review here. This way you know if the by Blackweb is one of the best ones on the market or just a low priced item that works temporary, but quickly fails.

Features Of The Blackweb Digital

  • Records in  1080p HD footage.
  • Records at a 120-degree view field.
  • Can be used to record in loop style.
  • The Blackweb Digital Dash Cam can record at night with an infrared night vision.

What Do I Like With The Dash Cam

Records In 1080P

With a dash cam it does you no good if you are unable to pick out the details that you need on the video. So I really like the fact that the Blackweb cam here, for the price records in 1080p which is in HD quality. Now, on the downside the it only records forward facing, which can make it difficult to protect yourself if you are an Uber or Lyft driver, but still the video quality is spot on for what I would expect.

Records At Night

Typically with a lot of the dash cams that are on the market it is very difficult time recording at night. Well, that is definitely not something that you want to have because if you are involved in an accident at night and are using a dash cam then you just lost any or all of the proof about the accident and potentially about who was at fault in the accident. With this camera, it records at night using the infrared technology which means you still have the video to rely on if something were to happen at night.

Uses A Typical SD Card

This is something that I really like with almost all of the dash cams that I noticed seems to go on across the board. That is the fact that most of these cameras uses a normal SD card. Now, this makes it quite a bit easier for you to record what you want, but also know you have the proper storage for the videos. What else can be a great feature is this makes it easier for you to buy a replacement card if you need it or if you plan on going on holiday and want to record the trip.

Attaches With A Suction Cup

The suction cup attachment is definitely a common feature as well. The good news is this dash cam uses the suction cups as well. However, the problem that comes up and one that I have complained about before with some of the other that I have looked at before is the fact that the suction cups can lose their grip at times. This always seems to happen in the worst possible times, but still the suction cups make it very easy to install.

Built In Microphone Records Great  Audio

The built in microphone is definitely a nice feature as it can catch all the audio. However, at the same time if you are by yourself most of the time what you could end up catching most of would be the music from the radio. At the same time, though, if you are providing an Uber or Lyft service then you could have the microphone on to record the information that is being passed back and forth.

What I Did Not Care For With The Blackweb Digital Dash Cam

Camera Only Records In Front Angle

Now, this is one aspect that I do not really care for is the fact that the camera only records in the front. This does not provide you with the protection if you are rear ended or need to have some footage of your back seat. A way around this, but only if you have the proper plugs in the back would be to get a second camera and plug it in facing out the rear.

What Others Are Saying

A reviewer on Walmart mentioned this, “best camera to leave in the windshield”. Now, this is a great feature because honestly with the suction cups I have found that if you are taking these down all the time the cups tend to wear out and then you are left with the dangling dash cam.

Mosslack, left another review on the Walmart website and said this, “it’s easy to use it works as advertised”. This is definitely something that is a relief as so many people think because of the price being under 20 bucks that the dash cam does not really live up to what it is supposed to do.

My Final Thoughts On The Blackweb Digital Dash Cam

The Blackweb Digital Dash Cam is definitely an affordable option for a lot of people. The camera does its job of recording while you are driving and the microphone definitely catches the audio. At the same time the camera only faces forward which can remove some of the protection for an Uber or Lyft driver. Overall, though, for an affordable price and a camera that does its job the Blackweb Digital Dash Cam is well worth the price and could be a great entry model for you to see if you like .